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  • Word Association

  • No Press is Bad Press

    "We haven't won it in 50 years"...kick bricks Chuck.  Have fun being the OC at WKU next year.
    That part actually pissed me off...as if this jack arse has no idea that for 90% of Miami's history, they have not been a Kent...and used to own Ohio and still has a winning record all-time versus nearly all MAC foes, despite CM's effort to reverse that.

    He's a nugget for sure!  That said, 80% of the presser did not bother me.
  • Kent Game Thread

    Kent's QB thankfully isn't very accurate. I still don't like how our DBs play. I like this rotation of DEs we have developed-Calcagno, Sharp, Lemon, Kimpler, Speyer, Butler. They also line up Cam Turner at DE on occasion even though he is a LB. Looks like Martin is turning 2 time first team all state Missouri LB Ryan Newton into a DE. That surprised me a little when I learned of it. But anyway, like the stable of DE we have.  
  • Bad Miami Frats, Bad Boys

    eh, that one's too far
  • Attendance for WMU

    Reminds me of 2016, when we randomly had a Saturday game against OU get something like 4200 when we broke 2000 once before that the entire season. That was more believable since it was the rivalry game that got a few students plus some visiting fans, but even then it was pretty inflated.
  • NCAAF Coaching Carousel 2017

    Speaking of SEC coaches developing QBs over the years, remember when Houston Nutt developed Casey Dick? They were a pair.
  • Conference season underway

    Will be tough this year without my secret crush, Paige Hill. I’ve moved onto Megan Duffy....after all, she’s closer to my age. But still miss Paige...haha.