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  • Write up Pigskin Preview?

    Friends, Miamians, countrymen and women, lend me your attention for a moment. I come not to bury Davearama but to praise him. For, truly, it takes a man of flexible intellect and moveable character to deride others for their “internet manners and etiquette” after referring to the rest of us as “haters and lurkers.”  Only someone who has heeded well Emerson’s advice that “foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds” would be able to exercise board policing powers after mocking someone for not being a “brain surgeon” or a “National Champion coach.” And it takes exceptional nerve to go after the guy who has more or less single-handedly kept this community together for the past ten years over an issue of manners.  

    Moreover, clearly only a revolutionary inspired by our school colors would foresee that the way to rebuild our dwindling fanbase is not by being open and welcome to anyone who still cares enough about the team to post on MHT but by enforcing a Maoist orthodoxy to sort out the real fans.  Perhaps the committed fanbase will dwindle from a thousand to five hundred or maybe even three hundred, but then on to conquer Beijing! Or Hamilton. Or at least Millville.  

    Finally, only a master of internet argumentation would resort to the successful and rich trope.  And a MAC champion to boot!  

    Alas, I am none of these things.  I own far less than one percent of a business and did not major in English literature.  (Shamefully, I wound up going to trade school no less than three times -- business, government, and law. Perhaps I now require a trip to divinity school to expurgate my soul.)  Many folks here have doubted my Miami credentials for years, and I live out my college football fandom largely in self-imposed exile with the EDSBS commentariat. Elba? Perhaps, although it’s more likely the Island of Misfit Toys.  

    I’ll spend most of the fall there, Dave, and try not to disturb the Long March.  Enjoy the football season. But you owe Chuck an apology. Seriously.
  • Quarterback Competition

    Report on Mayer after being on the team 2 seasons doesn't sound like he will ever be ready. Another Bahl? 
    He's only been on the team for one season. Who is saying he'll never be ready? Kid hasn't even played a snap of college football yet.
  • Fall Camp 2019

    CM previews the QB battle prior to the start of fall camp:


  • Miami Athletics Records Record-Setting Fundraising Year

    I’m equally tired of hearing that none of those other students matter to you.
    I think the big donors feel the same as you.  I guess some would want these individuals to withhold donations until the sports teams start showing promise.
  • Expectations for the fall

    I expect that we will win every game in which we score more points than the opponent.
  • Expectations for the fall

    I don't think we should really expect to beat UC anymore. Their recruiting is going to continue to be on another level. They are simply getting better kids than us. 
    But I thought we outrecruited them the last few years and we still lose them??

    I think there is more to game than recruiting or else we’d be winning the MAC east every year. Or maybe I’m just an idiot.
  • 2019-20 Non-Conference Schedule

    Replace Central State or Wilberforce with Xavier or Dayton and this schedule would be perfect in my opinion.
  • Expectations for the fall

    I expect us to win 6 games. I would be very happy if we win 7. Someone already said this, but I really would be ecstatic if we win games where our staff makes good decisions.
    I would suggest that if there are no obvious game decisions or adjustments that cause the Redhawks to win the game...then the week of preparation and decisions are reason for victory.  I believe this is an area that CM excels.
  • Purdue Fort Wayne joining the Horizon League in 2020-2021

    Does UMKC replace them?  Seems like they should rejoin.  No idea what they saw in the WAC
  • Fall Camp 2019


    Your note just got better as it went along. Thank you.

    Is he Coach Martin Cradle of Coaches material? Not close...but what you say is true. First don't see mass defections headed out. That speaks to how the team respects him. As well as everything being a Miami grad brings. They do seem to get better as the year goes along and in our league they're certainly better than most. And yes...we need to be better than all of them and make it sometime soon! 

    They need to close the gap on the one score losses and get them in the win column and we'll be fine. See how he does this year. Bunch of 3 star QBs and hopefully one will get us over the hump.

    I'm really sick of all the effin haters that seem to lurk here. After you've coached a year or two at Notre Dame maybe David will give you a shot! What the hell, can't do worse than Coach Martin right?