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Best Huh? Content

  • Logan Speyer Transferring

    Hawks are winning the East. Book it.
  • WBB HC Search

    Miami let all three mentioned above, Myles, Sharps and Nolan out of their signed NLI. 
  • 2019-20 Non-Conference Schedule

    The last time we played Weber in a tourney, the Hitman took them out.

    Some dude named Damian Lillard was a frosh on that Weber State team.
    Wow, is that right?
  • 2019 Season Predictions????

    Must get 7 wins for a bowl. That means winning every game should win and at least 1 were the team will be the underdog.

    How good is UC supposed to be in 2019?
  • Brandon Peters (Michigan QB Transfer)

    Chuck has done well with QBs here. I'm not a big fan of Chuck right now, but if I was a college QB who wanted to play under a coach that could help me, I would choose Chuck.
    He has done a good job with a highly touted QB and a very good job with a QB who was not highly recruited. That's a nice track record.
  • Brandon Peters (Michigan QB Transfer)

    Why would any of these guys choose Miami? Don't they want to play at a big program?
  • 2018-19 Columbus Blue Jackets Thread

    Can’t win if you can’t score. Team has a serious lack of offense. That’s why I’m confused as to why he started 7 defensemen the other night.

    Disappointing end to the season. Up 2-1 in the series to lose 3 in a row, with two of them being at home. Looked outstanding in games 1-3 and then something changed. The better team won the series. Fun year with a very bad ending.
  • Early Enrollment

    Bolden, McCullough, Josephs, Maye, Robinson, Williams.

    McCullough only one that didn't get a ton of reps in the spring. 

    Pretty understandable given who we have in the back field vying for starting positions right now. Heard some guys had really strong springs too!

    Manny Rugumba is a killer.
    In the best of ways...as I think you meant.
  • Josh Allen

    Could there possibly be more than one Josh Allen??? B)
  • MAC and the 2019 NFL Draft

    James Gardner?

    Should be training for his senior season

    Is he allowed to? After declaring for the NFL draft? I can only imagine how dominant Gardner and Jackson would be during their senior years.

    Jackson? The QB? He's a RS Fr that hasn't separated from Mayer.

    Guessing Tyree Jackson who signed a free agent deal with the Bills...
    That would make more sense. I was really confused how Williamson and Gardner could have senior seasons together. But Tyree and Gardner would really tear up the MAC this season. It's a shame that they're hardly getting a look elsewhere now. Gardner running an absurdly low 40 time seems to have killed all his buzz.