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Best Huh? Content

  • Major League Baseball

    Major leagues were divided into 3
    ten team groups ( pods?) this year:  East, Central, West .  There were no games between teams from different pods.  With 16 teams making the playoffs, you would have thought that 5 or 6 teams would have made the postseason from each pod.  Somehow 7 of the 10 Central teams made the playoffs. Was this a sign that the Central was the best pod?  It certainly does not look that way  The 7 Central teams lost all 7 series.  The three AL Central teams were 0 and 3 in their series, but the four NL Central teams were 0 and 4.  By games the AL Central went 1 and 6, the NL Central went 1-8.  So 2-14 altogether.  Also, how bad were the NL Central offenses?  The Reds scored 0 runs in their two games ( setting an all time offensive futility record), but the Cubs and Brewers were only marginally better.  Cubs scored 1 run in their two losses and the Brewers scored 2 runs in their two losses.  The Cardinals did score some runs in two of their three games, but they were aided mightily by the fact that Lamet and Clevenger, the Padres top 2 starters, were out with injuries.

    It is a small sample of games, but it certainly looks bad for Reds and Indians fans who are trying to feel good about at least making the playoffs.  Maybe we were just lucky to play with a bunch of bad teams.
    What pod was Houston assigned to??

  • The dave67 Memorial Word Association Thread

  • Nike Sibande Transferring (Once Likely, Now Definitely)

    Are any of us really surprised a guy named "Brad" has made us look bad?
  • 2020 NFL Pick The Winner

    Week 1 - Kansas City
    Week 2 - Tennessee
    Week 3 - Indianapolis
    Week 4 - LA Rams
  • UC vs ARMY - who do you root for?

  • Tough schedule!!

    Saturday morning, listening to the Dari and Mel show on ESPN radio, they picked their Final Four.  Mel said Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State, and Oklahoma.  Dari said Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State, and Cincinnati !
  • MAC football -- the re-MACTIONing

    President Crawford is the biggest fan of Miami sports since President Shriver.  If he is against playing it would be because of health and safety.  Money is tied into this though, if he feels we cannot afford to pay what it takes to keep people safe, or if we might make more money in the Spring plus there is liability issue for universities if something happens to one of our players.

    Here is something else to consider.  According to an article in the Dayton Daily News today, there will be no fans at Big Ten games this season. They are playing because they need the TV money and the playoff money and the only way they get it is by playing.

    We might well be able to have fans in the Spring, and get our TV money, so that finances and fans would be better served in the Spring.  I would guess either way we would play an 8 game league schedule and a league championship game.
    President Crawford didn't want to pay Chuck (after he resurrected the program from the dead) at the end of last year because Chuck would be making more than him.  He is the farthest thing from the biggest Miami fan.  Anyone with two working eyes can see what Chuck did with the program is nothing short of a miracle. 
  • MAC football -- the re-MACTIONing

    What if it looked like this:
    Miami, Toledo, Marshall, Ohio, Western KY, MTSU, Charlotte, App St
    FAU, FIU, S Miss, La Tech, UAB, Rice, N TX, UTEP
    I think we’ll see some consolidation / reshuffling soon - I hope MU is ready.
  • MAC football -- the re-MACTIONing

    Everyone in the world is wanting to resume life, except for teachers. Man up! You can do it teachers.Wear a mask.  Everyone else has started working.The football players want to resume their life. Let them live their life. 
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  • MAC football -- the re-MACTIONing

    If "we" are hellbent on not playing this Fall (as it seems), the MAC needs to release the Spring plan/site/schedule ASAP. You can always adjust that. But there HAS to be a public plan IMO. Make a big deal about it. Start promoting the shit out of it. Waiting until 2021 just doesn't seem smart anymore.
    I don't think the Spring season is actually a real thing. I know they released some ideas yesterday, but I still think it's to save face for all the athletes, not get them pissed.