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  • Fall Camp 2019

    No heat from anyone BluesMan. Not sure I’ve heard anyone who has an opposing viewpoint. Hard to hear being a fan, but must be tougher to play for a guy who says that stuff in public.
  • Expectations for the fall

    I don’t care anymore. Been to every home game since 2000. Not this year. I will still attend some games but I dropped season tickets. What do I know,,,,,I’m a Stupid Fan.

    Really? It wasn't until last year that you decided it was the final straw?
    Besides the UC game that just about broke me as a fan, these last two seasons were the most disappointing since I was a freshman in 2006.
  • Expectations for the fall

    No insults intended...I think all the lurkers/haters around here expecting us to be the next G-5 version of Clemson are a lot more insulting wouldn't you agree? 

    15-0 might be a stretch but 12-2 or do you believe in miracles 13-1 has a nice ring to it.

    That said..seven, eight or nine wins would work and aren't out of the question.

    In the meantime, as season ticket owner, dave67's wish for "good weather and warm nights on game day" sounds especially nice! 

    Love + Honor! 
  • Expectations for the fall

    My expectations are based on the fact that Miami hired a top notch OC from Notre Dame and that this is Y6 of his tenure and he has landed top-3 recruiting classes over the past few years.  As such, Miami fans should EXPECT the following:

    Iowa - L (0-1)
    Tenn. Tech - W (1-1)
    Cincinnati - W (2-1)
    Ohio State - L (2-2)
    Buffalo - W (3-2)
    WMU - W (4-2)
    NIU - W (5-2)
    Kent - W (6-2)
    Ohio -W (7-2)
    BG - W (8-2)
    Akron - W (9-2)
    Ball State - W (10-2)

    MAC Championship - W (11-2)

    Bowl Game - W (12-2)

    Chuck Martin buys out his contract and takes over a P5 program.  Anything less will be a let down and below expectations.
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  • Purdue Fort Wayne joining the Horizon League in 2020-2021

    How Loyola went, and keep in mind, they left well before their Final 4 run in 2018, it still vexes me.
    Got the conference more consistently on Chicago cable. Even when SIU was playing well for a while, they barely got on CSN (or whatever the station was back then).
  • Camp Opened Today!!

    I'd feel so much better if coach Martin would have said something like this:

    In a few weeks, we get to play Ohio State which, as we all know, is one of the premier programs in college football history. Not to be outdone, Miami is also a premier program in college football history. I can only tell you that our players and our coaches are looking forward to this opportunity to play Ohio State. We have all worked hard here this spring, summer and early fall to prepare our kids to be at their best, to give their best, to try to win this game. Because of how we have prepared, we expect many Miami fans to be in the stands in Columbus to support us, to cheer for us and to realize that we will do everything we can to make everyone proud of the effort we will put forth on the field to win this game. That is how we view every game on our schedule....an opportunity to compete against an opponent....an opportunity to play our best....an opportunity to win.....and make our players, their families, friends and our fans proud of us. 
  • Jalen Adaway-Transferring

    "They don't have football there."

    Coincidentally, Miami hasn't had what many on this board consider to be football, for a very long time, either.
  • 2019 Indians thread

    Don't you go attributing that quote to me.
  • New Basketball Floor

    Relieved it doesn’t say Boiler Up.

    Why do you think Ryne Smith quit?
    I'm speculating here but I'm thinking Ryne didn't like the new floor renderings....wanted something with a Boilermaker on it.
  • Curry going Juco

    Can we blame Megan Duffy for this?