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  • Major League Baseball

    Tampa Bay wins the American League Pennant. That’s 2 in 12 years. The crappiest stadium in professional sports. But an amazing front office and development of players. Congratulations to the Rays!

    I hope the Reds are taking note that is how you build a team from the ground up.
  • Reds Legend Joe Morgan Passed Away

    Very sad news.  He was a great player and a key to the Reds success in the seventies.
  • MAC football -- the re-MACTIONing

    President Crawford is the biggest fan of Miami sports since President Shriver.  If he is against playing it would be because of health and safety.  Money is tied into this though, if he feels we cannot afford to pay what it takes to keep people safe, or if we might make more money in the Spring plus there is liability issue for universities if something happens to one of our players.

    Here is something else to consider.  According to an article in the Dayton Daily News today, there will be no fans at Big Ten games this season. They are playing because they need the TV money and the playoff money and the only way they get it is by playing.

    We might well be able to have fans in the Spring, and get our TV money, so that finances and fans would be better served in the Spring.  I would guess either way we would play an 8 game league schedule and a league championship game.

    President Crawford didn't want to pay Chuck (after he resurrected the program from the dead) at the end of last year because Chuck would be making more than him.  He is the farthest thing from the biggest Miami fan.  Anyone with two working eyes can see what Chuck did with the program is nothing short of a miracle. 
    Chuck is 30-45 (26-22) and his best year is 8-6 (6-2) with a MACC and a bowl game loss. He's definitely done a good job turning the program around but to imply that pushing back against giving him a raise makes President Crawford some sort of sports hater is ridiculous. 
  • Pittsburgh Steelers 2020

    They're not done adding to the OL depth.
  • MAC football -- the re-MACTIONing

    Everyone in the world is wanting to resume life, except for teachers. Man up! You can do it teachers.Wear a mask.  Everyone else has started working.The football players want to resume their life. Let them live their life. 
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  • MAC football -- the re-MACTIONing

    Here's a list of what I've heard students say they miss so far this semester:
    - Going to class in person
    - Having big parties
    - Working out at the Rec without a mask
    - Being at bars after 10/11:00 o'clock and without reservations/sitting at tables
    - Playing pickup hoops games at the Rec
    - Ohio State football
    - Greek recruiting events - meeting new students

    I'll let you know if I ever hear of someone mentioning Miami sports.
  • Online Sportsbook help

    I know what you did....and it's pretty funny

    A lawyer should understand that plagiarism is wrong.

    So we'll deserved. Glad to hear it. Almost makes me wish I wasn't boycotting the nfl.
  • Athletics and Miami Financial State

    Unpopular but financially smart decisions:

    1. End UC series in football and add a small money game (bottom of the barrel P5 schools). Keep FCS game for easy W.

    2. Get out of NCHC or drop hockey altogether. The athletic department has alluded to its financial pitfalls in the past and Bergeron has said he doesn’t want to compete in it. It has been almost a decade since Miami hockey has been relevant on national hockey stage.

    3. When Owens leaves, hire Jermaine Henderson to a long term deal (>4 years), and go back to the death march schedule. It’ll take him awhile to build this thing back up, but he knows what it takes to build a winner in the MAC.

    Also, cut costs where you can in basketball.... example: drive to conference games on the day of instead of staying overnight...

    4. Donate what you can.

    We are one of 3 schools to have a G5 FBS football team and a NCAA hockey team (not including service academies). You want to save hockey? Drop football. That’s not happening.

    Basketball has been dogshit for a decade plus because of awful hires and complete neglect. Donations have dried up because of the uninspiring hires and who knows if they’ll come back.

    With that said, the cost to run a D1 basketball program costs pales in comparison to hockey.

    18 scholarships for hockey vs 13 for basketball, travel costs, equipment, food costs, etc etc. All of these things add up. I’m not trying to be a dick... I enjoy Miami hockey when we are good, but these things add up.

    “Moving to the NCHC was the worst decision Miami Athletics has ever made”- unnamed source from the athletic department
  • Athletics and Miami Financial State

    Drop hockey = athletic budget saved