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  • Ohio State tickets

    Treadwell sucked, but don't forget we won the first quarter 3-0 in 2012!
  • 2019-20 Non-Conference Schedule

    At one time Miami did host local rivals Dayton, Xavier, and Cincinanti but those games are no longer rivals and those schools have sped past Miami in terms of facilities, interest and institutional support.  Further, Miami interest is way down and Miami fans were even staying away from these local rivalry games.

    Miami did host the likes of schools like Michigan, Purdue, etc.... in the past but with the sub-500 records, low fan interest (Since the 2005-06 season Miami has hemorraged fans going from 5th in the MAC East with 4028 fans per game to 2nd to last in the MAC East with 1113 fans per game.) and little institutional support it makes absolute sense for Miami to pay non-D1 schools and also to arrange for low-major schools for H/A games.  Miami has always been frugal and its current scheduling philosophy is right in line with its current strategy.

  • Ohio State tickets

    Why/how? Smart. I'm one of the few idiot fans and media willing to sit there and watch a murder in person.
  • MAC Coaches Talk Anonymously About Conference Foes

    "That scheme is really good, and they execute it well. But they get really tight in close games, like they're overthinking it.”

    The above was a comment about Miami. Does Miami really "overthink" or "fail to think?" And I'm suggesting this refers to the coaching level.
    Gotta love that the rest of the conference realizes that we have panic attacks every Saturday. "Just keep it close and he will lose"--the Cuck Martin slogan
  • 2019-20 Non-Conference Schedule

    It’s not a Miami problem, it’s a NCAA basketball problem. You won’t find a mid-major school who is hosting a single P6 game this year except Ohio U miraculously.
    OU is hosting Purdue? Irony at its finest.

  • Iowa Road Trip Roll Call

    When even @redhawk11 tells me he has no interest in going, you know morale has hit rock bottom.
  • Word Association

    Bro (we cannot use The)
  • Fall Camp 2019

    I loved Jadon Rucker Furlow's comments on his video. What a great young man and great representative for Miami! 
    Pretty much the exact opposite of our Raised White Flag/Head Coach.
  • Expectations for the fall

    I expect that we will win every game in which we score more points than the opponent.
  • Fall Camp 2019

    No Miami coach in the past has ever used this strategy.  All the wins and close losses to power conference and top 20 teams were with the players wearing practice shirts with slogans about beating those teams and with the teams and coaches focussing on that goal all through summer practice.  Our teams always played those games with a chip on their shoulders.   Other MAC teams are winning these games, the MAC picks up 3-5 power conference wins every year.  Heck, last year Akron knocked off Northwestern who played in the Big Ten Championship game.  And we drilled and dominated Akron up at their place.  But if we had played Northwestern, Coach would have given us his "poor little us" line and we would have gotten drilled.
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