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  • How likely is a bowl bid?

    Idk if i would consider Kent a trap game when they're in first place and we have 2 wins.
  • NIU and Rest of the Season

    On paper NIU doesn’t look like they are better than us. Hopefully we can put it together. Definitely seems like Maye is our only reliable playmaker at wide receiver. We need to make sure he gets more targets. Our lack of a decent run game is killing us. Its kind of surprising to see Kent State and Ball State leading the MAC. I can see us winning 5 out of 6 if we get our chemistry together....
  • 4 Questions

    When we continually recruit one of the top three classes each year (that's what I've long heard) why aren't we continually finishing in the top three in the MAC?
    Chuck & The Yes Men

  • 4 Questions

    1) Do we have a strength & conditioning coach right now.  I feel like we get drilled every fourth quarter.  Maybe somebody can effort the 5 plus years of Martin's scores by quarter- I am positive Q4 will be the worst

    2) How did we end up in a situation where we have to start a true freshman QB.  The first half vs. Iowa looked good- I feel like we have hit a wall with #5

    3) We spend a lot of recruiting capital on OL- why can't we have a good one.  We always have to run quick passes because we can't trust the line.  It was the same last year

    4) Why do our coaches have to out think everything-  I finally figured out why we always try to go fast on 3rd downs- it is because we are trying to prevent the defense from subbing because if you don't change personnel you don't have to wait for the defense to sub.  But the stupidity of that is that the defense already has the guys they want to defend the personnel you have in there.  So it doesn't help you to try to go fast with your personnel because you don't have your best players for the situation.  


    More room to maneuver for a FG
  • What The NBA Did...

    Im sure at some point, the Chinese Politboro will realize the wisdom in Morey's words and become inspired by the NBA....
  • 2019 MLB thread

    Astros and Dodgers with their backs against the wall. This is simultaneously what is great and what sucks about baseball.
  • Big night for UC tonight

    UCF playing against the refs too.

    Good for UC. They invested in their facilities and athletics. Hopefully Fickell gets hired by Pitt or Tennessee and UC botches the next hire

    Are they looking at Chuck?

    Of course, big buy out planned after we go bowling. 
    Chuck planning to spend a few years at UC and then take over at Notre Dame from BK.
  • College football Saturday

    Yep OU wins it 21-20!
  • Big night for UC tonight

    Nice win for UC.
    Penalties and turnovers killed UCF and so did UC’s defense.

    If Iowa wins against Michigan tomorrow, they could be close to top 10.
    UC will be top 25 for sure after this win against UCF.
    OSU is likely one of top 2 in the country.
    I also saw that Tenn Tech was ranked #26 in FCS rankings in USA Today.

    Brutal schedule this year, but these are set years ahead.
    I can’t wait to watch MU vs WMU on ESPNU next week.
    Rest up Miami and recover this week!