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Best I need a beer Content

  • Attendance at Games?

    Should let anyone who was in attendance for 2013 come in for free as a make-good.
    Whoever attended in person in 2013 is immune to everything anyway.
  • Attendance at Games?

    But will we still sell ourselves 15,000 tickets?
  • delayed penalty (ok, season)

    The Big Ten announced they will start play possibly as soon as Nov 13, with Arizona State playing 4 away games at each of the Big Ten schools for 28 games total for each team. ASU isn't eligible for the conference tournament and will get 4 home games from each of the big ten schools at some point in the future.

    It will be interesting to see if the NCHC announces anything soon. The original statement said they thought Nov 20 or later.

    I watched David Saylor’s interview with Steve Baker and he made it seem like the nchc was going to do a “bubble” like concept for December games and play about 1/2 the schedule and then try and limit the travel for the back part of the season.
    Putting a bunch of college age male hockey players in a confined hotel space with nothing to do during a J term in the middle of North Dakota or in upper Minnesota in late December / early January............what could possibly happen?  

  • Nike Sibande Transferring (Once Likely, Now Definitely)

    I don’t know why everyone is so negative. That article refers to us (after the initial mention) just as “Miami” maybe more than any other article I’ve ever read. What great press!

    Right? Great coverage, right?!?!?
  • John Cooper sighting

    Michael Weathers to SMU confirmed.
  • 2020 NFL Pick The Winner

    Better change the Chiefs pick...unless game is played before next week's games.
  • The dave67 Memorial Word Association Thread

  • The all-encompassing Stanley Cup thread, COVID edition

    Seems like we could have some solid final four rooting options between Greene, Coleman, Martinez, Reilly, and everyone already hates Corey Perry anyway.

    Let's hang another banner in Goggin!
    Coleman is one game away, Dave!

  • The dave67 Memorial Word Association Thread

  • Tough schedule!!

    Saturday morning, listening to the Dari and Mel show on ESPN radio, they picked their Final Four.  Mel said Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State, and Oklahoma.  Dari said Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State, and Cincinnati !

    If both teams were to go undefeated, Cincinnati would most likely have a better resume than Oklahoma (contingent upon which games get cancelled).
    UC benefits by not having to play us. We would have kicked their asses this year!!