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Two College Football Firsts . . .

BlackbirdBlackbird Off-Campus Slummer
. . . At least for me, in today's Clemson-S.C. State game:
1. S.C State return man catches the kickoff in the end zone, and flips the ball to the referee w/o taking a knee. The ref back pedals away, doesn't blow the whistle, and Clemson covers the ball for a TD.
2. By mutual agreement of the coaches, the 3rd and 4th quarters were shortened to twelve minutes. (I understand why, as it was very hot and a 59-0 blowout, but I had never seen this before.)


  • Iam4hawksIam4hawks Senior Barfly
    I see it every week, but it's in 9th grade to 4th grade football. 
  • a26davea26dave Havighurstite
    You can add to this Eastern Michigan kicking off from the opponent's 20 yard line after Charlotte get 3 penalties.
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