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Remember: No Politics

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The moderation team feels it necessary to remind everyone: we don't talk politics on MHT. There's a whole big internet where you can do that--just not here.

Posts that, in the sole discretion of the moderation team, cross the "politics line" will be deleted without warning.


  • I've had to delete several posts in individual threads for violating this rule the past few days, and another member of the moderation team has had to nuke an entire thread due to posters taking things well beyond what the original poster intended.

    NO POLITICS. If you want to know what I think about politics, you can find me on Twitter or Facebook or what have you. If I want to know what you think about politics, I will find you on Twitter or Facebook or what have you.

    I understand that, as happens every four or eight years, a new administration is in the White House. That doesn't mean that every four or eight years, you get a window to bring up politics. Again, there's a whole big internet out there.
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