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At Toledo

Is anyone going to the BB double header at Toledo? The area association has been pushing tickets. It will be a last minute decision for us based on weather and a few other variables. I hope I am not as disappointed as I feel I might be, especially in the women.


  • JohnnyMacJohnnyMac Senior Barfly
    I will not be there.  My daughters hockey careers will have me occupied.
  • killgas20killgas20 Off-Campus Slummer
    edited January 2017
    Both games will be televised on BCSN and picked up on ESPN College Extra.
  • skin66skin66 Wealthy Alum
    JohnnyMac said:

    I will not be there.  My daughters hockey careers will have me occupied.

    Rats--we are undefeated when attending the same events this year. Happy hockey viewing.

  • killgas20killgas20 Off-Campus Slummer
    edited January 2017
    Noon...Channel 788 on DirecTV.
  • QuinoaburgerQuinoaburger Wealthy Alum
    Hard to see this one going well for us.
  • EDDIEEDDIE Wealthy Alum
    Can't. Will be in Columbus...and then maybe Pittsburgh.
  • skin66skin66 Wealthy Alum
    Oops. Put comments on women's game on wrong thread. See men's at Toledo thread. Phone print too small for old guy.
  • skin66skin66 Wealthy Alum
    The reasons we lose are not difficult to deduce. We are very slow at almost every position. We are not physically strong. Let me make that even more clear with a 3rd quarter example. One of our bigs jumps up about 3 inches off the floor to snag a rebound with both hands. She gets both hands on the ball but drops it to the floor on the long trip down.

    Little number 13 is quick, the young woman from Sylvania plays hard, the guard from Toledo Rogers played OK.

    We must lead the nation in knee braces and in a related stat we have about no lateral movement at all from some players.

    I really do not understand the substitution pattern. Seems as if there is no rhyme nor reason. We ended up with players who really are not more than placeholders on the floor for long stretches.

    We did not have such horrible turnovers in the second half as In the first.

    With a stronger and meaner post or two we could be competitive.
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