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RIP Darcy Shriver

Involved with Miami for decades, and daughter of past Miami President Phillip Shriver. Very nice lady every time I dealt with her. Will be missed. Sad day for Miami and Miami athletics.



  • skin66skin66 Wealthy Alum
    We met Darcy for the first time at an alumni event in Lakeside. A good person. She will be missed by many.
  • grumpy1grumpy1 Senior Barfly
    Truly a sad day.  She was a fixture at Millett and Miami athletic events.  Always a smile and time to talk athletics.
  • laxmomlaxmom Dodds God
    very sad. so young. does anyone know what happened?
  • D_DayD_Day Senior Barfly
    There was no one nicer than Darcy!
  • BluesmanBluesman Wealthy Alum
    Very nice. We talked with her at some length at one of our visits to Oxford last year. She was very nice to our then 11 year old daughter. And we talked a lot about her father who used to come by my fraternity as he was a fraternity brother.
  • MowchMowch Senior Barfly
    I needed Darcy's help a couple of times since I graduated, and each time she was wonderful. Very sad to read about her passing.
  • TruckCrewTruckCrew Wealthy Alum
    Ugh. Gut punch. Would be hard pressed to find another one like Darcy. Always happy, always up for a conversation that started and ended with, "Life is good."

    She lived a great one and will be sorely missed.
  • olafolaf Summer Orientee
    Very sad to hear this news.  She worked well with players - gave them a pat on the back and a push when needed.  
  • CMHskinsCMHskins Havighurstite
    Remember Darcy very well one of my classmates who I frequently socialized with dduringg our undergraduate years
  • Iam4hawksIam4hawks Senior Barfly
    It'll be a long time before we see another like her. Wonderful lady.
  • Hawks05Hawks05 Summer Orientee
    Terrible news, she was such a great representative of both athletics and the university.
  • FredFred Dodds God
    I was shocked and saddened to hear this news. Darcy was always upbeat and a pleasure to work with. I always enjoyed running into her in Oxford.
  • muhawkmuhawk Wealthy Alum
    edited January 2017
    That is just terrible news. My thoughts are with the Shrivers.
  • dave67dave67 Wealthy Alum
    Scott was back at Goggin tonite.
  • HawksVoxHawksVox Summer Orientee
    On behalf of my beloved sister and our entire family, I thank you all for your outpouring of support and sympathy during this difficult time. I believe if you read the obituary found at this link you will understand a little more about Darcy, her passions, and what forces affected her life.


    The short story of her demise was she simply had no strength left to fight for breath, went into cardiac arrest, and passed peacefully.
  • DevilGradDevilGrad Senior Barfly
    Thanks.  That was a beautiful and moving tribute to someone of whom we are all proud and blessed to have known. 
  • laxmomlaxmom Dodds God
    Wishes for comfort and beautiful memories to sustain you all. what a life well lived.
  • dave67dave67 Wealthy Alum
    This is not a good time of the year, e.g. just talked with my best friend from Grad School and his wife passed on the 24th; my grandson - the junior at Miami - his other grand father passed a few days ago.  I'm not liking being this old inre friends who have not had the fortune [or luck], health-wise, that I have had.

    Friday nite at the Goggin, there was a nice tribute and moment of silence for Darcy and Marilyn Young, wife of Dave Young, Miami's long time SID who passed ~ 2 years ago.  Marilyn fought the good fight for 2 years.  Scott [Darcy's brother] was there on Sat nite, good timing I thought for the tribute.
  • fcsofenfcsofen Senior Barfly
    My very best to the family. My roommate dated Darcy for a while so I got to know her. Great person. She will be missed by many.
  • DICKDICK Wealthy Alum
    Being gone for a month, I did not find out about Darcy until I saw the chair decorated at midcourt on Saturday and asked if someone had died.  This was a crusher to me as the last time I talked to her last winter she seemed energetic and alive, just like always.  In the old Goggin, her mom and Dad had the two seats in front of me and Darcy was often there and we spent many nights together talking about all things Miami and cheering on our beloved RedHawks.  Great Miamian, rally cannot be replaced in her love and devotion to Miami, and a personal friend that I will miss.
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