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Sean McVay

Miami football alum has had head coaching interviews with the 49ers and now appears to be the leader for the Rams job.  He would be the youngest HC in NFL history.  I had a class with Sean at Miami so it's nice to know our lives are on the same trajectory. 




  • muhawkmuhawk Wealthy Alum
    You know you're old when you graduated before a guy who is more than likely about to become a head coach in the NFL.
  • BluesmanBluesman Wealthy Alum
    I just feel sorry for him having to coach the Rams!!
  • ChiefPanicChiefPanic Havighurstite
    I'm Ben's age so it's sad watching him near the end of his career. Even more depressing to see a younger dude become a hc.

    That said - huge respect for his ascent.
  • ScalperScalper Senior Barfly
    Ben will play a long time yet. Question is if he wants to.
  • redhawksnredsredhawksnreds Havighurstite
    Ben might want to be able to walk when he's 55?
  • redhawksnredsredhawksnreds Havighurstite
    Cradle of Coaches keepin' on!
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