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Women's Ice Hockey Thread 2015-16 Season

Professor_FateProfessor_Fate Wealthy Alum
edited October 2016 in Women's Club Sports
Opening weekend at Goggin for the women's club team! Hosting Michigan State:

Friday (10/2) @ 9:30pm

Saturday (10/3) @ 5:15pm

Come by & support the winningest team on Miami's campus for the past 2 seasons!



  • elpalitoelpalito Wealthy Alum
    are they coming near DC this season? 
  • JohnnyMacJohnnyMac Wealthy Alum
    Where is Haley Williams this year?
  • muredhawks22muredhawks22 Havighurstite
    Good luck ladies!
  • are they coming near DC this season? 

    Here's the schedule

  • laxmomlaxmom Dodds God
    JohnnyMac said:

    Where is Haley Williams this year?

    i remember reading she signed with the buffalo beats of the newly formed pro women's league.
  • Final from Friday night

    Miami - 5

    Michigan State - 1

    Come early, at 5:15pm, for Game 2 of the series!
  • Great job, Ladies!
  • skin66skin66 Wealthy Alum
    Good work, can we elevate this team to varsity status and demote some other. Sorry, just upset right now.
  • JohnnyMacJohnnyMac Wealthy Alum
    Miami wins game 2 over the Spartans 4-0.
  • The women are at Adrian College this weekend. Miami beat Adrian last night, 2-0, and play the second game this afternoon!

  • The women lost game two today vs Adrian College, 1-0.  Adrian is a very tough team this season, so a split is excellent!
  • Crap, now my sister will give me grief!
  • You know someone who went to Adrian, or is your sister named Adrian?
  • My sister is an Adrian college grad, class of 1999. 
  • The women are on the road this weekend at the University of Michigan.

    Friday (10/23) - 5:30pm

    Saturday (10/24) - 7:00pm
  • Hopefully some wolverine is on their menu for tonight!
  • Game 1 vs Michigan ends in a 1-1 tie.
  • JohnnyMacJohnnyMac Wealthy Alum
    We need to find some goal scoring.
  • Haley graduated last year and is playing professionally in Buffalo in the new women's pro hockey league.
  • Miami beat Michigan 5-1 on Saturday to take their record to 4-1-1. Great weekend!


  • CMHskinsCMHskins Havighurstite
    Congratulations to the fine start 
  • skin66skin66 Wealthy Alum
    Nice couple of days,ladies.
  • JohnnyMacJohnnyMac Wealthy Alum
    My older daughter played a game at Yost last night and I ran into a couple of the players from the Michigan women's club team.  I asked them if there was any chance at elevating their team to varsity status, and the one girl said that probably wasn't going to happen because "the men's coach is opposed to it because he doesn't want to share Yost."

  • LadyHawkDadLadyHawkDad Summer Orientee
    Further evidence of that is that when we played at Michigan last weekend we had to play at two city rinks - Yost was being used by a youth tournament and the MSU women's team was forced to play elsewhere. 
  • LadyHawkDadLadyHawkDad Summer Orientee
    Although our record (4-1-1) isn't quite what we had hoped it would be after 6 games, the girls are playing well.  We've allowed only 4 goals in 6 games and have outscored our opponents 15 - 4 in those games.  We've out shot our opponents 193 - 112, and our goalie has an unbelievable 0.67 GAA and save percentage of 96%.  She has yet to allow more than 1 goal in any game this season.  All this is said with the greatest possible humility, so as not to anger the ever-fickle hockey gods.

    Offensively, we've got 8 different players who have scored goals in our first 6 games, with junior Kaley Mooney #23 leading the team with 4 goals.  Rachel Booth #10 and Kaley lead the team in points with 5 each.  Senior defenseman Jess Gould #28 leads the team with 4 assists.

    Our 1-0 loss at Adrian October 18 marked the first time since our seniors were freshmen (i.e. over two full seasons, 70+ games) that we've been shut out.  We had plenty of good scoring chances that game but just weren't able to find the back of the net.  Adrian's lone goal FOR THAT WEEKEND came when a puck that would have passed harmlessly through the crease deflected off a skate and rebounded into the net.  Just crappy luck.

    Our next opponent is Grand Valley, who currently boasts a 4-0-0 record and will likely come to Goggin with a 6-0-0 record.  GVSU plays Ohio State (1-4-0) this weekend, and Ohio State's only win this season came against a D2 opponent.  We'll need to be playing well to beat GVSU, but I'm confident our girls will be equal to the task.  Games times are Friday, Nov 6 at 10:00 (after the men's game) and Saturday, Nov 7 at 5:10 on the B pad.  Hope to see you there.
  • BluesmanBluesman Wealthy Alum
    LHD-is their an assistant coach now with the last name of Johnson?
  • LadyHawkDadLadyHawkDad Summer Orientee
    Yes - Kaitlin Johnson is a first year grad student and an assistant coach.  She played for a D3 school (in Wisconsin, as I recall) as an undergrad.  Very well received by the girls, from what I understand.  She's from the St. Louis area.  She was actually a teammate of my daughter for a year when they were about 15.
  • Glad to have you back LHD!
  • LadyHawkDadLadyHawkDad Summer Orientee
    The most recent computer rankings place our Miami women's hockey team at #4 in the ACHA D1:


    Miami has been at the top of the ACHA computer rankings every week for a couple seasons, so our fall to #4 is a temporary setback.  The loss of our #1 ranking obviously results from the loss at Adrian and tie at MSU, but there is plenty of season left to regain the top computer ranking.  We've got games scheduled with the current #2 and #3 in January, 2016.

    As expected, Grand Valley State beat Ohio State twice last weekend so they will arrive in Oxford Friday with a 6-0 record and the #6 spot in the ACHA computer rankings.  They'll undoubtedly come at our girls with everything they've got, so we need to be ready for a battle.  Hope to see you at Goggin Friday at 10:00 PM (after the men's game) or Saturday at 5:10 PM (B pad).
  • BluesmanBluesman Wealthy Alum

    Yes - Kaitlin Johnson is a first year grad student and an assistant coach.  She played for a D3 school (in Wisconsin, as I recall) as an undergrad.  Very well received by the girls, from what I understand.  She's from the St. Louis area.  She was actually a teammate of my daughter for a year when they were about 15.

    Kaitlin's father, Weldon Johnson, is a friend of mine. We used to be in the same law firm.

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