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Miami Women's Hockey - Fund Raising and Gift Matching

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From Coach and Professor Emeritus, Dr. Jim Stearns, on behalf of Miami Women's Hockey

Matching Gift Opportunity For Everyone - Please Read Carefully

As most of you know, Miami Women's Hockey usually does its request for donations in February to help support our trip to the national tournament.  Recently, we have had several Miami Women's Hockey supporters suggest doing our annual solicitation before December 31 to allow donors to take the tax deductions this tax year.  Those requests from donors, combined with an anonymous donor who has made a one-time matching gift offer, has prompted us to move our fund raising to December. 

Why we need help.  Miami, primarily through Club Sports, provides about 35% of our expenditures each year. We are grateful for that support, but, obviously, that means we have to rely on donations and player fund raising efforts to pay for the rest of our program.  That also means that we have to raise about $35,000 per year to sustain our program.   

Why now.  We have a donor who has made a very generous offer to help us.  The donor will match all gifts up to $5,000 on a dollar for dollar basis.  The donor will also match the next $5,000 dollars in donations on a one half basis, in other words fifty cents for each dollar donated.  That means if we can raise $10,000 in donations, that $10,000 will turn into $17,500. If we go over $10,000 in donations, the donor has agreed to discuss more matching, but the donor wants others to get on board for support.  This is a tremendous opportunity to magnify your generosity to us.

Why you should help.  During the last seven years, Miami Women's Hockey has been one of the most successful endeavors on campus.  First, we have a 100% graduation rate among our seniors. Second, we have brought national and international recognition to the University through our success, our recruiting, and our players and coach who represented the United States on Team USA at the World University Games in Italy (2013), Spain (2015), and Kazakhstan (2017). Third, as a result of that national and international recognition, we have attracted applicants and students from all over the U.S. and Canada.  We also have had inquiries from prospective players in China, Australia, and Europe.  And fourth, we have done pretty well on the ice too. :)   In summary, we have been successful, we have attracted strong students and excellent young women to Miami, and we have represented the university in the best possible way, always embodying love and honor.  

Please, please help now.  Because of the matching gift opportunity, this is our most important fund raising effort ever.  You have the opportunity to double your gift, and if you have company matching, that gift can be tripled.  Please give now, our goal is to get $20,000 in donations by December 31st.  No amount is too small or too large.  Also, if anyone else would like to add to the amount that can be matched, please respond to this email.  In other words, if you are able to also match gifts, that would be a tremendous help to us. 

How to donate.  If you are on campus or wish to send a check, you can drop off a check to Jim Stearns, FSB 1022 or mail to Jim at 6454 Contreras Rd., Oxford, OH  45056.  Checks should be made out to "Miami Women's D1 Hockey."  We are grateful for any consideration you can give us.  There will be a website, announced soon, in regards to online donations.

Love and Honor!

Miami Women's Hockey


  • bpatbpat Wealthy Alum
    I swear last year you could do it via web. Am I too stupid to see?
  • bpat said:

    I swear last year you could do it via web. Am I too stupid to see?

    No, you're not missing anything.  As it says in the post, under "How to Donate" "There will be a website, announced soon, in regards to online donations".  This message is a legit email from Dr. Stearns.  If you want to email him, personally, please do so at stearnjm@miamioh.edu about mailing a check directly to him.  Myself, that's what I'm doing.
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