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Women's Club Hockey Needs Donations For New Uniforms

We Need New Uniforms: #MoveInMiami Event To Help Kick Off Fundraising Effort

Miami Women's Hockey needs to replace its uniforms over the next two years.  Our Reebok uniforms have served us well and are in hundreds of league championship and national championship photos, but we need to replace our uniforms after seven years of service.  The plan is to replace the reds by next summer and the whites the following year.  We estimate the total cost will come to about $12,000 for red and white jerseys and socks (28 each color), and 28 red shells (pants). 

Here Is What You Can Do To Help 

As many of you know, the University has an annual fundraising event call #MoveInMiami.  The MoveIn campaign allows groups on campus to use University Advancement for their fundraising efforts and focuses on the day students move into the dorms, this year Thursday, August 23rd.

The easiest way to help is to make a donation at our MoveIn site here: Miami Women's Hockey  But we need more than that and there are other ways you can help.  Please post our link on your social media sites and encourage others who follow you on your social media to participate/donate as well.  Help us get the word out on social media, that is the whole idea of this campaign, and, that is the most important way you can help Miami Women's Hockey.  No amount is too small or too large, and every donation helps, so please help us spread the word.  

You can follow our progress on the site link.  The campaign focuses on Thursday, but donations before that encourage others to get on board so anytime is a good time to donate before (or after) Thursday. 

Special Appeal to Miami Women's Hockey Alumnae and Alumnae Parents.  Now that our relatively new program finally has a significant number of alumnae, another major objective this year is to get our alums and their parents more involved.  You all have benefited greatly from women's hockey at Miami and we want to get you re-energized about the program.  Obviously donations help (please:), but also look for an alumnae game/reunion this year and other ways to stay involved.  You, our alums and your parents, helped build one of the most successful student start-up programs in the history of Miami University - we want you to stay connected and to remain part of the program.

One way to stay connected is to keep us informed about alumnae news: accomplishments, engagements, weddings, jobs, babies, grad school, whatever!  Let us know and we will include it in our "Friends" newsletters.  We need your help to build our alumnae and alumnae parent community.

Help us get new uniforms!

Love and Honor


  • JohnnyMacJohnnyMac Wealthy Alum
    I earmarked my #MoveInMiami donation for the Women's Hockey Fund.

    Maybe the old uniforms could be sent to the people who donate toward the new ones (Hint, hint.)
  • $3,360 of a $12,000 goal as of this posting.
  • Professor_FateProfessor_Fate Wealthy Alum
    edited August 2018
    A tremendous amount of thanks to everyone who helped the Miami Women’s Hockey Team! The final total should be available later this week.
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