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Miami dominates all MAC awards

DICKDICK Wealthy Alum
This is a list of all the award winners.  I am noting the home country of all our award winners.  While most of our players are Americans, the award winners are almost all foreign students.  Just as Miami has become more and more of an international university, so has our field hockey team.

MAC Coach of the Year  Inako Puzo  Venezuela

MAC Offensive Player of the Year   Senior Paula Portugal  Spain

MAC Defensive Player of the Year  Senior Mariona Heras  Catalonia

First team all MAC  In addition to Portugal and Heras, Sophomore Leonor Berlie Switzerland

Second Team all MAC  Freshman Noor Breedijk  Netherlands

  Senior Estel Rois  Catalonia

  Senior Maddie Passerela Ohio


  • dave67dave67 Wealthy Alum
    Interesting to note the use of Catalonia as country of origin.
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