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NCAA Tourney Rd 2 - Duke


  • Spanks004Spanks004 Wealthy Alum
    1-0 Duke with 13 mins to go
  • Spanks004Spanks004 Wealthy Alum
    1-0 at the half. Miami really hasn't had any good opportunities. I think they had two "penalty corners" and really didn't get good looks. Miami's goalie is playing out of her mind with some great stops.
  • Spanks004Spanks004 Wealthy Alum
    19 mins to go in the game, Miami down 1-0
  • Re6H5wkRe6H5wk Wealthy Alum
    Thanks for the updates, Spanks. I hope they can rally!
  • Spanks004Spanks004 Wealthy Alum
    #24 Miami loses to #3 Duke 1-0...great season ladies! Duke had 26 shots to Miami's 5...
  • Re6H5wkRe6H5wk Wealthy Alum
    edited November 2018
    What a season. They not only get into the tournament, but they win a game on the road, then they give the #3 team all they can handle from the looks of the final score. Way to go, ladies. Thanks for representing Miami well!
  • DICKDICK Wealthy Alum
    Great season.  Two years in a row we are MAC champs and won a road NCAA tournament game.  WE even came one goal closer to beating Duke in the second round this year, as we lost 4-2 last year.
  • skin66skin66 Wealthy Alum
    Great season ladies. Love and honor.
  • killgas20killgas20 Senior Barfly
    Great season!
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