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WNIT...Miami hosts Western Kentucky at 7 on Thursday night

DICKDICK Wealthy Alum
edited March 20 in Women's Basketball
This game can be watched on ESPN3 and listened to on Miami College Sports LIve.  Miami is 23-8 ( 13-5) RPI #45, Western Kentucky is 18-14 ( 12-6 in CUSA) RPI # 96.  Western Kentucky has a long history of high level women's basketball and is 3-0 vs Miami all time.  While they have 14 losses, they have played a very strong schedule, losing twice to #24 Rice, and once to #2 Notre Dame, #9 Oregon State, #13 Iowa, and # 4 Louisville.  They also lost to powers Central Michigan, Gonzaga, and Oklahoma.

They have 6-4, two 6-3's and one 6-2 girl on their roster.  Key players include:

5-9 Jr Alexis Brewer  11ppg, 3 point shooter
6-3 SOPH Arame Niang
6-1 JR Dee Givens 18/5
5-11 Meral Abdelgawad FR  9ppg
6-4 SOPH Raneem  Elgedawy  16/8  from Egypt

Should we win this game we face the winner of Morehead State @ Ohio State which is played tonight in Columbus.  Tickets are $8 for GA, $6 for youth, $10 for court side seating.  Students must buy a ticket, however our AD David Saylor is covering the fee for the first 500 students.


  • DICKDICK Wealthy Alum
    Morehead State was down 35-25 early in the second half, but got hot on 3's and came back to win 71-61 in Columbus vs Ohio State.  Winner of our game will play Morehead.
  • 19goSkins19goSkins Senior Barfly
    I ❤️ Megan Duffy
  • RedseaRedsea Wealthy Alum
    edited March 21
    I watched like two minutes of this at Wku outscored us like 10-0. I dont watch a ton of womens bb but we had girls in there i never seen before. I think we must have blown a big lead. Back to the mens games
  • Spanks004Spanks004 Wealthy Alum
    Miami down 4 with 4 seconds to go. 1-3 from FT line, WKU is 17-21, that’s the difference here
  • GeneGene Havighurstite
    It appears that Miami has become so inept in major sports anymore.
  • DICKDICK Wealthy Alum
    We were 21 - 3, but finished 2-5 vs very tough competition.  6 of the 7 games were against top 100 teams, and 3 of those were against teams who finished with RPI's of 27 and 33.  Our lack of having enough high level athletes showed up in these games.  Coach Duffy got a great deal out of some smart, hard working girls, but we accomplished what we did with only one great player.  Coach Duffy has proven herself to be a tremendous coach, but so far every thing has been accomplished with players she did not recruit.  For us to win the MAC or win postseason games will require more physical talent than we have had the last two seasons.

    Next year we will have a huge freshman class with the 5 girls Coach Duffy signed plus two freshmen who will have medical redshirts from this year's freshman class.  Only Dickerson and Kluesner from our returning players has any playing time guaranteed for next year.  Those 7 girls bring a lot of physical skills that many on our current roster lack.  It will be very interesting to watch the battles for playing time and to see who emerges.  We will still have Lauren next year, so we do have a chance to be pretty good again, I think a lot depends on the recovery of 3 members of that freshman class who had surgeries this year.  Fully healthy, there is more athletic ability in that 7 girl group than we have ever had in one class, but it is very difficult to win with freshmen and our other returning girls are going to battle hard for all the open playing time.
  • thechuck_2112thechuck_2112 Wealthy Alum
    Gene said:

    It appears that Miami has become so inept in major sports anymore.

    WBB had a great season. This loss is not evidence of ineptitude.
  • RenmancoRenmanco Wealthy Alum
    Reported attendance--- 338   Yikes.
  • greggie76greggie76 Havighurstite
    What happened to Nia Clark I knew she played early in the year
  • bpatbpat Senior Barfly
    greggie76 said:

    What happened to Nia Clark I knew she played early in the year

    She had a season-ending injury.
  • 19goSkins19goSkins Senior Barfly
    I still ❤️ Megan Duffy
  • Renmanco said:

    Reported attendance--- 338   Yikes.

    GBD in oxford
  • grumpy1grumpy1 Senior Barfly
    We shot 3 free throws, they shot 21. Just sayin’.
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