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Joe Nuxhall Classic

DICKDICK Wealthy Alum
Yesterday Miami defeated Wright State 7-6 and host UC defeated Xavier. We are playing UC for the championship right now. We have won this tournament the last two seasons.  It is currently 0-0 in the third inning. There is a link to watch the game on MURedHawks.com


  • DICKDICK Wealthy Alum
    Miami is up 4-0 in the 6th.
  • DICKDICK Wealthy Alum
    Miam was ahead 6-1, but UC rallied and at the end of 9 it was 8-8.  Right now it is in the top of the 11th with 2 out and we have just scored 3 times, so 11-8 Miami.
  • Rolando86Rolando86 Dodds God
    Miami wins it 12-8. Third straight Nuxhall title. Now 25-5 for the season.
  • Iam4hawksIam4hawks Senior Barfly
    Go Hawks
  • Rolando86Rolando86 Dodds God
    Actually 26-6. I typed it wrong above.
  • Re6H5wkRe6H5wk Wealthy Alum
    Great work, 'Hawks!
  • skin66skin66 Wealthy Alum
    Yea us!
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