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Sean Mock Update

Nice little career move for Sean Mock. He has joined Ron Hunter, new HC at Tulane, as the Recruiting Coordinator and Player Development coach. He had been one year on Hunter's Georgia State staff. Nice that Hunter kept him. Congrats Sean!


  • 19goSkins19goSkins Senior Barfly
    Very nice. First class family!
  • redhawk11redhawk11 Wealthy Alum
  • thechuck_2112thechuck_2112 Wealthy Alum
  • JWagsJWags Havighurstite
    From a D2 assistant to a D1 assistant and recruiting coordinator at a mid-major+ school in a year.  Nice work Mock!
  • profholt82profholt82 Wealthy Alum
    I had History 206 (Dr. Goldy) with him, and we did a project together. He's a great guy. Glad to see he's having career success.
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