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Best College Story?

bpatbpat Senior Barfly
It's that time of the year when things are a little slow in the sports world and for Miami, so asking this one, do you have a great college story?

I do, but I'll wait till I see others.

I do remember taking someone's car and driving to Eaton for Cassano's pizza because the ad was on all the time when we watched TV. We went over one of the back roads and pretty much caught all air (no drinking involved too, go figure), and since not everyone bumped their head on the roof of the car, the driving turned around and we did it again, making sure everyone bumped this time. I wouldn't say this is even in the top ten, but it was a great day and the pizza turned out to be pretty good.




  • redhawk11redhawk11 Wealthy Alum
    This could be a fun thread.
  • DevilGradDevilGrad Wealthy Alum
    Among the stories I'm willing to share, a few friends and I decided on Saturday night to walk to College Corner.  This may or may not have had something to do with a long discussion about lower state minimum prices and probably everything to do with us really not needing any more alcohol at that point.  We got all the way down High Street, past Ox College, and a surprisingly long way out of town before fatigue relieved the stupidity.  But not before seeing the little shack that then housed WOXY and knocking on the door -- which I'm sure frightened the hell out of the overnight DJ.  He let us in anyway, gave three drunk guys a studio tour, and then played a request for us before sending us home.  
  • QuinoaburgerQuinoaburger Wealthy Alum
    Freshman year, my roommate and I stopped at Encounter to get burgers before heading over to Yager for a game. The team still hadn't won a game all season. As we were getting ready to order we realized that they had quinoa as one of the patty options you could choose. This commercial had been playing nonstop on TV at the time:

    We decided that this could be the good luck charm that would finally bring the first win and we each decided to order one in the spur of the moment. It was literally the most disgusting thing I've ever eaten in my life, but I pushed through and was able to finish it. We swaggered into the 90% empty stadium with a renewed confidence about the team's chances, and in an almost biblical message about the power of quinoa, this happened:

    So anyway, that's the story behind my username.
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