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1964 Roster vs 2019 Roster

NescacdadNescacdad Wealthy Alum
I found a program from the first Miami game I attended in 1964. Two things jumped out at me:

1 Our two biggest players in ‘64 were offensive linemen weighing in at about 230
2 Everyone on our roster was from Ohio except for one player from Point Pleasant WV

Our 2019 roster shows 30 players from Ohio and 77 from out of state.

Amazing changes in demographics over 55 years!


  • Bash_RiprockBash_Riprock Wealthy Alum
    Nescacdad said:

    Everyone on our roster was from Ohio except for one player from Point Pleasant WV

    Are most of the Ohio student/athletes from the Dayton and Cincinnati areas? Or are other parts of the state equally (more or less) represented?
  • NescacdadNescacdad Wealthy Alum
    edited July 2019
    Heavy on Cincinnati, Columbus suburbs, and lots from Northeast Ohio, which at the time was a treasure trove for football recruiting. Bo and his coaching staff had strong NE Ohio ties.
  • BluesmanBluesman Wealthy Alum
    Nice research!
  • skin66skin66 Wealthy Alum
    Of my three ‘66 room mates in Hepburn two were from NW Ohio and the baseball player was from Dayton.
  • EDDIEEDDIE Wealthy Alum
    I'll continue...

    I had two roomies in 1975-76 in Dennison Hall. They were from Portsmouth and West Jefferson.
  • skin66skin66 Wealthy Alum
    My two roommates from NW Ohio were football players. Bo came in our sophomore year. Recruiting did change somewhat then. Other things changed also.
  • 90skin90skin Senior Barfly
    My 2 roomies in Dennison freshman year 1986-87 were from Buffalo and Chicago, and I was from Columbus - random assignment.  My daughter was a freshman this past year from Cincy.  Picked her roomies through the freshman Facebook group - 1 from Columbus and 1 from Chicago.  Only one other girl in the corridor fro Cincy.  Others in her dorm were from Columbus, Cleveland, Canton, Toledo, Chicago, Minnesota, LA, Louisville.  People from all over.
  • BlackbirdBlackbird Off-Campus Slummer
    My two roommates in Dennison during 75-76 were both from Cleveland. I was the token out of stater.
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