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Purdue Fort Wayne joining the Horizon League in 2020-2021

The Dons are coming!  The Dons are coming!

About damn time, too.  I've never understood how that school has withstood the travel costs in the Summit League.  This brings in the Horizon League to 11 teams.  Valpo and Loyola bailed for the Missouri Valley a few years ago, so they're not coming back.  


  • RedseaRedsea Wealthy Alum
    edited August 6
    And Butler left before that. The Horizon league has been down in mens basketball for awhile- i think generally lower ranked than the summit but this move makes sense for them.
  • Professor_FateProfessor_Fate Wealthy Alum
    Outside of South Dakota State, the Summit League really isn't much.  The Horizon League has been building back from the school's they've lost.  Losing Butler and Valpo, I could see them going.  How Loyola went, and keep in mind, they left well before their Final 4 run in 2018, it still vexes me.

    Typically, the Horizon League likes to stay with even numbered teams.  So I wouldn't be shocked if they picked up another school.  The question is, from where?  NKU came in after going from D2 to I think it was the Sun Belt, or some southern conference.  Maybe the Horizon League is looking for a school that's going from D2 to D1, and is basketball focused?
  • Miami_Oh_YeahMiami_Oh_Yeah Havighurstite
    Does UMKC replace them?  Seems like they should rejoin.  No idea what they saw in the WAC
  • Professor_FateProfessor_Fate Wealthy Alum

    Does UMKC replace them?  Seems like they should rejoin.  No idea what they saw in the WAC

    From a geographical perspective, and I know it's strange to hear that with the way conferences are all aligned over thousands of miles, the Horizon League likes to keep things within close proximity of each other.  They don't want teams to travel too far and to keep teams as close to each other as possible.  What each school has, especially for basketball season, is a travel partner.  Cleveland State and Youngstown State.  Wright State and NKU.  When WSU goes on the road to play at Cleveland State, NKU is normally playing at Youngstown on a Thursday night.  And then on Saturday, switch opponents but stay in that geographical area.  It saves teams the cost of having to go back up to the same general location, twice.  Detroit/Oakland.  Milwaukee/Green Bay.  Now they have the two biggest cities in Indiana, IUPUI and Fort Wayne-Purdue.

    The issue is UIC, Illinois-Chicago is just up there by themselves.  There's no real "travel team" for the Flames since Loyola left.  And when you go to Chicago, you want to get in as many games as possible, not go back and forth.  What could happen, and we'll see, is Chicago State would get an invite to the Horizon League, for geographical purposes.  Or, the Horizon League could just drop UIC, but you take away one of the biggest markets in the country.  Not that UIC matters in collegiate Chicago sports, but the Horizon League typically hosts the Final Four when it's played in Indy.  And they like to be involved when the NCAA's are hosted in Chicago or Milwaukee.  So I feel the conference would want to maintain a presence in Chicago.

    UMKC was my thought, too.  As was Western Illinois, but they're just too far out in the middle of the country, and the rest of the teams are around the Great Lakes.  Western Illinois has football, too, and most Horizon League schools don't play the foosball.  So look for a school from Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois (around the Chicagoland area), or Wisconsin between Milwaukee and Green Bay.
  • ChiefPanicChiefPanic Off-Campus Slummer

    How Loyola went, and keep in mind, they left well before their Final 4 run in 2018, it still vexes me.

    Got the conference more consistently on Chicago cable. Even when SIU was playing well for a while, they barely got on CSN (or whatever the station was back then).
  • birdseyebirdseye Summer Orientee
    The HL has been looking to expand to 12 for awhile but trust me Chicago State and Western Illinois would not be in their thought process. Robert Morris has been the consistent name but I don’t see them being interested. University of Southern Indiana is another rumor. UMKC seems to far away, has less support in KC than IUPUI has in Indy.
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