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Pittsburgh Steelers 2019-2020

Thoughts from first pre-season game:

Washington played well. Hopefully the trend will continue.

Rudolph will probably be the backup, although Dobbs played OK. Not sure where Hodges fits in. Maybe practice squad unless Dobbs is traded.

Snell isn't very fast, but we knew that. Line didn't help him much.

Bush looked very good.



  • Redhawks16Redhawks16 Wealthy Alum
    I saw Miami alum JT Jones got a lot of run last night. Hoping he can at least grab a spot on the practice squad.
  • grumpy1grumpy1 Senior Barfly
    Snell will be better behind the starting OL.  I focused on Jones when he played and he didn't do anything to help his stock although I have read that he's been impressive in practice.
  • EDDIEEDDIE Wealthy Alum
    Steelers WR Coach Drake passed away today. Only 62.
  • EDDIEEDDIE Wealthy Alum
    JT waived as Steelers add two and waive two.
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