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3 game losing streak against good teams

DICKDICK Wealthy Alum
We lost to two top 20 teams and at Kent, the team we have played in the last 4 MAC championship games.  Miami is now 7-7 ( 2-1).  It is unlikely that Kent will lose two MAC games, so the chance of winning the regular season championship is slim, we would have to win out ( very possible) and hope Kent loses twice ( possible, but not likely).  However, winning the MAC tournament and getting the NCAA bid is still solidly within our grasp.  We host the MAC tournament, and if it once again ends up with a Miami-Kent championship game, we would be at home, plus we outshot Kent 20-7 up there in our loss, so that might indicate that we can beat them.

Miami hosts Longwood in a MAC game Friday at 1.
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