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Your license plate?

digitalhawkdigitalhawk Senior Barfly
edited December 2019 in Miami Memos
Was returning to Cincinnati from thanksgiving trip to Chicago last night. Passed an SUV with Ohio plates:
(Decal miami M) OF OHIO
Anyone on this board?


  • EDDIEEDDIE Wealthy Alum
    Not mine.

    I used to have 10SNE1

    I miss that one.
  • elpalitoelpalito Wealthy Alum
    The state of Maryland has plates for just about every college. Miami has two plate options...the M or the hawk head.
    Fyi for any alums in MD
  • NescacdadNescacdad Wealthy Alum
    18 different out of state university plates are available in NC...none of them from an Ohio college or university.
  • what a complete kick in the nutz here in PA.....no miami plate, but there is a marshall one!  i thought that pittsburgh was a large alumni center for us....oh well
  • MUHawk84MUHawk84 Wealthy Alum
    I passed a Tesla yesterday. LP was “FUEL LOL”...
  • thechuck_2112thechuck_2112 Wealthy Alum
    Here's mine:

    grumpy1DevilGradredhawk11gentbaseball12skin66Re6H5wkDSnyder15MooreHawk90skinJohnnyMacand 5 others.
  • 19goSkins19goSkins Senior Barfly
    Very nice, Chuck! But i think your tags expired
  • QuinoaburgerQuinoaburger Wealthy Alum
    19goSkins said:

    Very nice, Chuck! But i think your tags expired

    Are you a cop?
  • ChiefPanicChiefPanic Off-Campus Slummer
    Montana has the most plate options in the country. My wife sports a Griz plate, but unsurprisingly Miami is not an option out here.
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