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Top 10 Losses

AORedHawk33AORedHawk33 Wealthy Alum
edited December 2019 in Miami Memos
In the worst decade in Miami history (almost MAC history, shoutout EMU in the 90s), we had our fair share of incredible losses.

No winning seasons in basketball. One (soon to be two) in football.

Here’s to hoping that the losses aren’t nearly as bad in the next 10 years.

Top 10 Losses

10. 50 spot; Central Michigan January 14, 2015
We were all over ESPN for all the wrong reasons. Year 3 of the Cooper era saw Marcus Keene of CMU drop 50 on us in an early MAC season win for the Chips. This was when most fans lost complete faith in Cooper and staff.

9. Eastern Illinois; September 10, 2016
A week after a great showing vs Iowa; the RedHawks came home to FCS opponent Eastern Illiniois. Perhaps still feeling the effects of Don Treadwell, along with a 6 hour rain delay, the RedHawks dropped this one to an FCS school. All was forgiven later in the season as Chuck Martin seemingly righted the ship with 6 straight wins.

8. Wilmington; November 23, 2013
We lost to Division 3 Wilmington College at home. The epitome of brutality.

7. St. Pete Bowl; December 26, 2016
It was an incredible accomplishment just to be in this game, but the ending was inexplicably brutal. After have a FG and PAT blocked earlier in the game, Chuck Martin elected to sit on the ball in the last minute against an SEC team to kick a 37 yard field goal. The FG was blocked and we lost.

6. ESPN Cameras; April 8, 2010
For those who did not make the trip to Detroit, they were probably packed inside of a bar Uptown for our Frozen 4 semifinal matchup vs Boston College. Campus was buzzing. There were ESPN cameras inside of Brick street to capture our reactions with every goal. I remember arriving at Brick 2 hours before the puck dropped and still having to wait on line to get in. This was our chance to right all the wrongs from last years National Championship. Instead the game was a total letdown. 7-1 Boston College.

5. Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory; BG Football; October 7, 2017
We lost by 8 in a back and forth, sloppy affair with a bad Bowling Green team. This was BGs first win of the year. We had 1st and goal from the 1 yard line, and ran a play that lined our DL up in the backfield with 1:21 to go. BG picked up the fumble and went 99 yards for the TD to win the game.

4. Providence; March 28, 2015
An overall number 1 seed should not be sent to the east coast to play a true road game against the last team to make the tournament, but here we were. This was one of the most entertaining, fun Miami sporting events I have ever attended. Down 6-2 entering the 3rd period, we stormed back to make it 6-5. Alex and I were all over ESPN. We had a good chance to tie the game with under a minute to go but ended up losing 7-5. It was the beginning of the end for Miami hockey’s golden era.

3. El 13- The John Cooper Era; Miami Basketball
A hire that was botched from the very start. Players were told that a big time assistant had accepted the job, and in comes Tennessee State head coach John Cooper. Seemingly nice guy, but him and his staff would not recruit and really struggled in every facet of running a D1 basketball program in Oxford.

2. Timeout; September 16, 2017
A loss that this dwindling fanbase has not yet recovered from, and one game that continues to (fairly or unfairly) define the Chuck Martin era.

1. Didn’t Cross the 50 Yard Line; September 21, 2013 + 2013 football season in general
In one of Don Treadwell’s last games, he certainly saved the worst for last. We didn’t cross the 50 yard line against UC in a 14-0 loss. I feel bad for the student-athletes who had to endure those few years with Treadwell and Klacik. Total failure on Brad Bates’ part.

What did I miss?


  • With this being my first (and thus far only) decade of Miami sports, lord hope that the roaring twenties are better for us. Feel bad for everyone who rooted for us in the seventies and nineties who know what actual success at Miami feels like.

    Honorable mention by the way for the EKU football loss in 2014. That roster was garbage aside from Hendrix and a handful of others thanks to Treadwell so I don't put that on Martin like timeout-gate, but I remember we scored off the first drive after thinking we were 'back' when we hung in there against Marshall, but then the rest of the game happened and showed that the next two years were shot.
  • QuinoaburgerQuinoaburger Wealthy Alum
    edited December 2019
    Honorable mentions:

    • 2014 EKU (WR pass)
    • 2014 Ohio (21-0 lead)
    • 2015 WKU (49-7 HT deficit)
    • 2017 Marshall (2 KR TDs)
    • 2017 Kent St. (Treadwell's revenge)
    • 2019 Ohio St. (76-5, first 85 picks)

    Men's Basketball
    • January 2014 NIU (53-41)
    • January 2015 CMU (70% game, the Keene game was 2017)
    • March 2015 Ohio (95-65)
    • 2015 conference tournament EMU (final 9 minutes/Oswald game)
    • December 2015 Dayton (buzzer beater)
    • January 2016 SC State (epitome of brutality)
    • February 2016 EMU (Raven Lee game)
    • February 2016 Toledo (93-49)
    • 2018 conference tournament Toledo (facepalm/power play)
    • 2019 conference tournament Akron (80-51)

    Women's Basketball
    • February 2017 BG (Cleve Wright's clincher)
    • December 2018 FAMU (cost us an NCAA berth)

    • 2011 tournament New Hampshire (1v4)
    • 2012 tournament UMass-Lowell (OT)
    • 2013 regional final (choked after Notre Dame got upset)
    • 2014 NCHC final (missed tournament berth)
    • January 2018 Omaha (11-7)

    • 2019 conference tournament Ohio (17 innings, killed dream season, player taken off in ambulance)
  • yanksalexyanksalex Wealthy Alum

    • 2015 conference tournament EMU (final 9 minutes/Oswald game)
    Chills, and not the good kind.
  • RandyRandy Dodds God
    The 2013 Wilmington basketball loss is the most embarrassed I’ve ever been as a Miami fan.

    The 2017 UC football loss the most furious.
  • Re6H5wkRe6H5wk Wealthy Alum
    I hate this thread.
  • UptownWhilrlUptownWhilrl Off-Campus Slummer
    Thank goodness this list exists. It means at least people care and know what is not acceptable. Staple it to the ADs door and say if three more get added to this list, you're out.
  • 2019 Ohio St. (76-5, first 85 picks)
    I will forever count this as a win because of Doug Costin, apparently the first player ever from an opposing team to do an O-H in Ohio Stadium.

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