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2020-2021 Newcomer Info?

Miami hockey is tweeting out the new guys who are coming in next year. Does anyone have insights on any of them? Other offers, stats, etc...anyone we should be really excited about/give us hope?


  • MooreHawkMooreHawk Senior Barfly
    It looks like they are tweeting out the incoming players over a couple of days. A full list is here: https://www.eliteprospects.com/team/1248/miami-univ.-ohio/2020-2021

    Of the ones they've tweeted out so far:

    Ludvig Persson - Goalie
    He's Swedish and played 28 games in the NAHL last season with 1.56 GAA (3rd in NAHL) and .932 SV (4th). So one of the better goalies in the NAHL but I'm not sure how well that translates to NCAA. Valentine is the only goalie from last year's team to play in the NAHL but he had worse numbers than Persson. 

    Hampus Rydqvist - Defenseman
    Also Swedish and will be a two time Redhawk as he played for the Malmo Redhawks junior team it appears. Spent a year in the NAHL playing 52 games going 11-30-41. Highest point total for a defenseman in the NAHL last season. 

    Matthew Barbolini - Forward
    Played a year in the NAHL and two in the USHL. Last season went 16-15-31 in 47 games, improving over the year before where he went 7-15-22 in 55 games.

    Brian Silver - Forward
    Played the past two seasons in the USHL plus 10 games in 17-18. Went 6-8-14 in 62 games two years ago and 7-7-14 last year in 37 games. 

    Dylan Moulton - Defenseman
    Played a year in the NAHL and last year in the USHL and went 5-9-14 in 37 games. 
  • JiveHawkJiveHawk Wealthy Alum
    On paper, I like:

    Persson - last year was his first season in NA and he adapted well. I would imagine the staff sees him as a prospect with a high ceiling as he continues to adjust

    Rydqvist - again, transitioning from the space of international ice to the smaller rink and putting up 41 points is impressive. Physical and can lead a break: 

    Barbolini - every year he's made a large jump in production. Curious to see if he can keep it going.

    Moulton - should be a reliable defenseman

    Cassetti - played half a season at Merrimack, only had 2 points in 14 games, then had 19 in 22 at the USHL level. Either his game doesn't translate well to college, or he wasn't used appropriately. At 6'3" and a former USNTDP member, I think he's a solid addition.

    The majority of incomers aren't NHL draft pick caliber, but they're already 20-something and are the types of players you bring in to set a culture. 

    It looks like we're also bringing in Caleb Rule from Providence College and Jack Olmstead from Michigan, but both will be sitting out next year. The next recruiting class is the one that's full of high caliber players, but the staff will need to hold on to them.
  • MUHawk84MUHawk84 Wealthy Alum
    Here is a question. Will COVID-19 impact the minor leagues of the NHL as it has the MLB, and how will that affect college hockey, and most importantly, Miami?
  • thechuck_2112thechuck_2112 Wealthy Alum
    I don't think COVID has done anything to MiLB that the owners weren't going to do anyways.
  • 19goSkins19goSkins Senior Barfly

    I don't think COVID has done anything to MiLB that the owners weren't going to do anyways.

    I think the Owners probably planned to play games this season. So, COVID did do something.
  • 2xHawk2xHawk Senior Barfly
    If the start of the next hockey season is impacted I think you could see some shuffling of ECHL teams.  Unlike minor league baseball teams ECHL teams are responsible for paying player contracts (unless that player has signed with an NHL team which is not the norm).  I wouldn't think that would impact college hockey at least not immediately as you don't see players leaving early to be assigned to the ECHL.

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