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New NCAA rules for women's basketball schedule

- First possible date to play a game has been moved back to Wednesday November 25 ( day before Thanksgiving).  By that time 75% of all schools will be done with in person classes for 2020.

- Practice can start on October 14.  A maximum of 30 preseason practices are allowed.  This year there will be no scrimmages with other teams and no exhibition games.  Up to 12 hours a week for strength and conditioning will be allowed.

- Maximum regular season games will be either 23 plus one 4 game event  OR 25 regular season games.

- No off season recruiting the rest of 2020.  The normal early signing period in November is still in effect, although some girls will be signed without ever visiting campus or without the coach ever seeing them play in person.

- MAC men are playing a 20 game conference schedule, so I assume the same is true for Women, but I did not find that info.


  • RedseaRedsea Wealthy Alum
    Has the MAC made a ruling on winter sports yet?
  • DICKDICK Wealthy Alum
    Redsea said:

    Has the MAC made a ruling on winter sports yet?

    Not that I know of.  With our students leaving for the rest of the year on the day that the season starts, we would have a perfect  bubble situation.
  • BeermanBeerman Summer Orientee
    The MAC website has listed a 20 game schedule as well for women's hoops.   Miami opens Wednesday 12/30 at Central Michigan, and wraps up Saturday 3/6 at Ohio.   Miami plays everyone twice, except for Eastern Michigan (at home 1/13, but not at Ypsi) and Toledo (at Toledo 2/17, but not at Millett).

    No non-conference games have been announced as of yet.

  • JohnnyMacJohnnyMac Wealthy Alum
    Miami and Toledo might as well just be in different conferences.
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