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Basketball Buy Games

Not much money will be had this year from buy games/guarantee games per Jon Rothstein. 


  • John Calipari talked about but games on Dan Patrick, last week, and the importance of them needing to happen. I forgot Calipari’s son plays for Detroit

  • RedseaRedsea Wealthy Alum
    Doesnt seem worth effort this year. Find home and homes with close by schools I guess. I would even consider finding a three way match so the home team doesnt get screwed. Maybe indiana state- NKU- miami. Each gets one home game this year and next
  • dudis41dudis41 Senior Barfly
    There may still be a chance one of the MTE bubble events that are being set up needs a team or two to fill it out, particularly if it involves some ranked teams looking for a probable W. We could be compensated for that.
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