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12th consecutive national championship

The collegiate team won their 12th straight National Championship.  The Senior team got the Silver medal in the US competition and will once again represent the United States in the World Championships.


  • fcsofenfcsofen Senior Barfly
    Tremendous achievement--congratulations!
  • Iam4hawksIam4hawks Wealthy Alum
    Congratulations on a heck of an accomplishment. 
  • AORedHawk33AORedHawk33 Wealthy Alum
    College Basketball had UCLA in the late 60s, early 70s

    Womens college basketball has UCONN

    Baseball has the Yankees in the late 1990s

    The NBA had the Celtics of the 60s and Bulls of the 90s

    The NFL had the Patriots in the early 2000s

    Women's Collegiate Synchonized Skating has the Miami RedHawks

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