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Pro Day

Redhawks16Redhawks16 Wealthy Alum
Anyone have details on yesterdays pro day that Miami held? I know we had 10 athletes participate including James Gardner. I would be curious what Young and Gardner timed at on the 40. If Young posted something in the 4.4s, I could see him being a late round pick.


  • Spanks004Spanks004 Wealthy Alum
    Was it yesterday or today? I thought it was today for some reason
  • dave67dave67 Wealthy Alum
    Today is yesterday's tomorrow.
  • ChrisW1980ChrisW1980 Dodds God
    Good luck to Jordan Rigg as well!  Today is the pro day.
  • Spanks004Spanks004 Wealthy Alum
    Confirmed it's today
  • BluesmanBluesman Wealthy Alum
    It is today. Fairly large group: Young, Smith, Gardner, Thompson, McMullen, Ragland, Rigg, Becker, Allen, Montgomery. 
  • BluesmanBluesman Wealthy Alum
    Per Dave Meyer:

    "By my count I see scouts from the Lions, Raiders , Steelers, Chargers, Panthers, Cardinals, Jets, Packers, Vikings, Giants, Bengals, Eagles
    Jags, Cowboys, 49ers, Colts and Rams at today’s pro day."

  • Spanks004Spanks004 Wealthy Alum
    James Gardner ran a 4.79 40...that will not help him...at 6-4, perhaps he could add some weight and become a TE?
  • Redhawks16Redhawks16 Wealthy Alum
    Kenny Young posting a 4.4 is strong.
  • Professor_FateProfessor_Fate Wealthy Alum
    dave67 said:

    Today is yesterday's tomorrow.

    Damn you! This is all that came to mind with your comment.

  • FootbalheadFootbalhead Dodds God
    What's going on with Koenig?
  • HighStreetBluesHighStreetBlues Senior Barfly

    What's going on with Koenig?

    I heard he’s getting a UFA tryout with the Eagles after his walk on year at Notre Dame.
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