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New Signees


One from USHL, one from BCHL, and one from NAHL.

Is BCHL on par with USHL?


  • MazMaz Senior Barfly
    I know enough about junior hockey to know that Kraws looks like a nice addition (on paper) ... representing Team USA in the Hlinka says a lot. But, there my knowledge ends.
  • thechuck_2112thechuck_2112 Wealthy Alum
    I asked a guy who’s big on hockey recruiting, and he says the BCHL would be considered a little below the USHL but above the NAHL.
  • JiveHawkJiveHawk Wealthy Alum
    Looking at signees Denver, Omaha, CC, and St. Cloud, it appears those 6'4" forwards are starting to shrink down and balance out.
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