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Let's Hear Some Positives

laxdaddylaxdaddy Senior Barfly
This board has been pretty negative.Let's list some positives from today. There are a lot of them.I will list a few.

Coaching staff deserves credit for not letting the team allow last week's game to define them

Special teams play was just outstanding. What a difference from a few years ago when that was a constant negative topic on this board. Sloman, Kramer, great punt returns from Thomas.

We played most of the game with 3 freshmen offensive linemen (Clark R-FR, Schaeffer and Feth true freshmen). I don't know that I have ever seen a Miami team do that. It hasn't been often that we could even think about a true freshmen being physically ready to compete. Hep used to have to rely on lanky tight ends and build them into OL in 2-3 years.

Great contributions from a number of other freshmen (Gabbert ,Maye, Phelps Shelton etc.)

First time in a long time that we were not snake bit. We got the breaks. If you were a Buffalo fan you might have thought the officials were homers.


  • Redhawks16Redhawks16 Wealthy Alum
    Loved Phelps coming out of high school. I think he's going to be stud for this defense.

  • Loved Phelps coming out of high school. I think he's going to be stud for this defense.

    Phelps and Butler are going to be nice dynamic duo at DE. Like JT Jones and Bryson Albright or Phil Smith and Will Stanley.
  • skinsskins Wealthy Alum
    edited September 2019
    Bester (he has another gear) and Brown!

    Refs were kind...UB QB got rattled, but our D had something to do with it.

    Need to get a passing game going though...150 type yard games not going to do it
  • yanksalexyanksalex Wealthy Alum
    We fucking won
  • There used to be a time where even a PAT was an adventure. Sam Sloman hit a 50+ yarder
  • BluesmanBluesman Wealthy Alum
    Said for 2 years Sloman is amazing.
  • After the long pass play from Gabbert to Maye,
    you love to see our guys rush to the line and get the next play off before a challenge.
  • Redhawks16Redhawks16 Wealthy Alum
    Would love to see more designed plays for Maye. He has elite speed.
  • mollauttmollautt Wealthy Alum
    =>I can think of 34 positives and 20 negatives.
  • The white helmet/red uni/white pants combo always looks great. Not a fan of the all reds.

    We were on ESPNU nationally, good to see us win on TV after laying an egg against OSU.
  • NescacdadNescacdad Wealthy Alum
    edited September 2019
    The kids dug deep inside themselves and refused to let last week’s game beat them twice. Defense didn’t get anything thrown over it’s head. We get a bye week next Saturday for physical recuperation. Gabbert is setting himself up as a potential campus hero magnet for fellow freshmen non-football-playing students who are not yet as jaded as some of the upperclassmen.
  • dave67dave67 Wealthy Alum
    I'm calling it"Martin Magic" and now I'm ducking. B)
  • greggie76greggie76 Off-Campus Slummer
    1 snd 0 in mac
  • Another positive- Akron is the worst football team in the nation having lost to UMASS who suspended half their starters this morning
  • 90skin90skin Wealthy Alum
    edited September 2019
    We won.  

    Special teams was great

    Looked like a real team today.

    Apparently a couple fans went down from the heat in the first half.  So water was complimentary from halftime on.

    My beers were not complimentary, but they were cold and tasty.
  • 90skin90skin Wealthy Alum
    Sidebar: Buckeyes up 14-0 at Nebraska and look dominant.   
  • dave67dave67 Wealthy Alum
    Lack of penalties, Gabbert's arm, week off.
  • dave67dave67 Wealthy Alum
    Oh, and hockey starts next Sunday.
  • ChrisW1980ChrisW1980 Havighurstite
    edited September 2019
    The kicking game was superb for Miami today. Major kudos to Sloman and Kramer!
  • 1st place in the MAC — let’s stay there. Nice work Hawks.
  • Another positive- Akron is the worst football team in the nation having lost to UMASS who suspended half their starters this morning

    Rough week for Dsnyder! That and his beloved front office on Carnegie and Ontario both suck.

    I moneylined UMass not even knowing about the suspensions. I've bet against both teams every week (and will keep doing so) but Akron is just rotten.
  • Excellent  defensive effort- good job  of the coaching staff having the team ready after OSU- ST play a big plus - play of freshman OL linemen- extra week to rest hopefully a big plus. Negatives : running Thomas up the middle ( hope he is not seriously injured )-offensive play calling esp first half , not throwing short passes esp to our backs and tight ends - why are  we not throwing short passes in space to Bester and Thomas and not running more QB sneaks and plays with our QB under center. Beat WMU!
  • olafolaf Summer Orientee
    dave67 said:

    Oh, and hockey starts next Sunday.

  • Cincykid3Cincykid3 Wealthy Alum
    edited September 2019
    I am not completely sold, but based on the relative weakness of the MAC this year and how UC blasted Marshall (who beat OU) today I am allowing myself to contemplate if Miami can perhaps win the MAC east if our key players can heal up. The bye week certainly helps.
  • JHVMUFBAlumJHVMUFBAlum Havighurstite
    How is this for a positive?
    Getting ready to book tickets to Boise for Potato Bowl for Miami vs MWC Air Force Academy.

    (Tough to be more positive since Toledo got awesome win vs BYU (who beat Tennessee AND USC).

  • Cincykid3Cincykid3 Wealthy Alum
    I like your optimism!
  • DICKDICK Wealthy Alum
    Free bottles of water was a nice touch by the Athletic department.  I thought the weather was a factor in our favor as Buffalo is big and they seemed to wear down in the humidity.  It is probably hard to prepare yourself for this kind of weather while practicing in Buffalo.
  • aba222aba222 Off-Campus Slummer
    Nice win today. Our d line looked good.
  • BlackbirdBlackbird Senior Barfly
    It was my birthday.  Karma!
  • Blackbird said:

    It was my birthday.  Karma!

    Happy late birthday. Here's hoping it was fueled with some beverages of your choosing. 
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