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  • DevilGradDevilGrad Wealthy Alum
    dudis41 said:

    If Miami ICA had any influence over MHT, it would have been dead years ago.

    iIt wasn't always this way. Back in the day, the Miamian wrote a nice feature article about RedSteve and this "online alumni club."
  • Koheen said:

    The demise of the 6th Man club was just part of the apathy that surrounds this team. But a big part from the fans standpoint. Why? Because it gave a sense of connection to the team. As to the apathy exhibited by the AD's office and the Miami administration as a whole towards mens BB, many have made Sayler aware, Hodge aware and Crawford aware of the situation. In very specific terms. With specific examples. I am not sure much else can be done to change direction from those outside the administration absent a donor coming forward with the money for a new arena, to be built wholly from private donations, and specifically earmarked for basketball. It is

    Well, apathy is one thing, but what Nick described is more of a political land grab, which is even worse considering the huge amount of help we need.

    We still do nothing to tap into the very few Miami fans who have enough passion to develop a grassroots support system.  Alex's band of traveling fans is the closest thing we have to a young booster organization -- they clearly care, are passionate, put in the time, and are willing to spend money.  We know the athletic department is at least familiar with him.  Has anyone from the department ever reached out?  The only reaction I ever heard was Anthony Azama threatening students that were seen fraternizing with him.  The fact that Miami has any alumni fans at all that have graduated since '06 is almost an accident...the department should be doing everything they can to nurture that group.  Given that current students have seen nothing but dogshit when they attend games, if they do at all, it's not going to get any better.

    This scares me a heckuva lot. Im a member of Alex's band of traveling fans, and a couple weeks ago in Iowa City we had this exact conversation. There are barely any Miami athletic fans/donors under the age of 35, nor do they care about our athletic programs.

    There is a small group of us (10-12 people) who are ultra passionate. We travel from all over to see our RedHawks, and we have done our best to get others excited about it. Alex used to put together watch parties for football and hockey in NYC that were very well attended. BK and I used to have watch parties in New Jersey with fellow Miami alums back in the 2011 and 2012 seasons. We had a good 15-20 people singing the fight song in a NJ bar after winning the GoDaddy.com Bowl in 2011.

    I keep my college buddies informed via text updates because otherwise all we'd be to them is just another team on the ESPN bottom line.

    Bottom line: We need to start winning in one of our two major sports here ASAP. It's been far too long for both major programs
  • mollauttmollautt Wealthy Alum
    =>This is how it must be. Miami became this...ugly, inelegant machine. Crude and inefficient. We needed to be broken into pieces. We needed to get rid of those who want to see that old machine churning ineluctably forward. It's time for something better. Something new. A Miami worthy of the MAC it will rule.
  • MiamiMACMiamiMAC Havighurstite
    mollautt said:

    =>This is how it must be. Miami became this...ugly, inelegant machine. Crude and inefficient. We needed to be broken into pieces. We needed to get rid of those who want to see that old machine churning ineluctably forward. It's time for something better. Something new. A Miami worthy of the MAC it will rule.

    If only we can be as successful as the Empire.
  • MiamiAlum01MiamiAlum01 Summer Orientee
    AO-  You sound just like me 6-8 years ago, God Bless You!  As Nick said in a previous post, please keep banging the drum.  Someone has too...Ive taken my drum (and money) to a different location. 

    Coach Coles and the Miami Basketball program had a HUGE influence on me, to the point when I left Miami after undergrad I was drawn back to work at the school for another 4 years.

    And I do agree with your assessment of the athletic department's destruction of the basketball program.

    The program can be laid at Coopers feet on a wins-losses standpoint, but I think the fundraising is solely the administrations fault.  I bought into the Red and White Club to the point I agreed to volunteer on the board.  Until we were told---"You're opinions don't really matter, we really just want you to give us or bring us a good amount of money"  That is all well and good, but then don't  pretend that my time is actually valuable to you and waste that time twice a year.  BB at least stopped in and told us he appreciated our time.  DS never even said hello to our organization. 

    $1,000 a year from every student goes to subsidize athletics.  $16M annually.  That is not fair to the students and really sad that $16M can't help more sports that a good hockey program and a dumpster fire of a football program.  Drop football to FCS and save almost $1.5m+ annually from scholarships right off the top (probably with VERY similar talent) and we'd still get to get killed by Iowa every few years.  It is hard for me to justify a donation to an athletic department that just takes my donation and removes the same amount of student fee money to a different area.   If the 6th man club still existed I would get involved with that (again assuming the new coach actually cares at all about Miami and the basketball family), but with the current state of the RWC Miami isn't getting another dollar for me--and they don't care.

    Keep banging that drum AO!

  • thechuck_2112thechuck_2112 Wealthy Alum
  • BlackbirdBlackbird Off-Campus Slummer
    I just read this thread for the first time. It is the most depressing and outrageous thing I have seen here since I became a poster on this board. Thank you to everyone who worked on the 6th Man Club, and who in other ways did their selfless best to help Miami. I admire you all greatly.
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