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Miami at Minnesota (dontchaknow) Game Thread 9/15/2018



  • profholt82profholt82 Wealthy Alum

    Well, today made it easy to stay home next Saturday and not waste gas going to BUGS

    I had that game set aside before the season started as one to take the wife and kids to. It's about a 3 1/2 hour drive for me to get to BG, but that's as close as Miami is coming this season. But, now, the whole idea just sounds miserable. Maybe I'll take them to Chuck E Cheese instead.
    It’s 2 hours for me, to BUGS. But the Rutherford B Hayes Presidental Library, in Fremont, OH, could be a fall back opportunity. They have a lovely gift shop.

    I'm actually a history nerd as well, it was my second major. I live in West Michigan now, but I grew up in the Toledo area, and interned at the Hayes Museum one summer during the late 90s. I took a couple of post-secondary option courses at Owens Technical College, and my professor there, Dr. Culbertson, was on staff at the museum. Great place.
  • CAredhawk13CAredhawk13 Senior Barfly
    Akron 26 NU 28...
  • socalhawksocalhawk Senior Barfly
    I apologize if this has already been posted but I just realized you can’t spell CHUMP, without CM
  • DICKDICK Wealthy Alum

    We did the same thing at Boise years ago and it was at that moment I realize treadwell wasn’t just a bad coach but historically bad.

    Good teams dont just let the clock tick out at midfield

    I had the same exact thought.  16 seconds left, you are at midfield, two time outs left, down a couple of scores, and you let the clock run out.  That flashed me back to that moment at Boise when I knew Treadwell did not have the game management skills to be a head coach.  In the case of Chuck, he was just reinforcing what we found out about him last year.

    By the way, Chuck also blew it at the end of the first quarter.  Inside our own 10 and going against a strong wind, Chuck threw the ball twice, stopping the clock, so we had to punt into the wind.  All he had to do was run the ball on one of those two plays and we would have been able to punt with the strong wind at our back.  PJ Fleck gets it right on those decisions every time.  He has what it takes to be a great coach.  Chuck has a lot of good skills for a coach, but his lack of understanding the game situation, downand distance,time and score, etc. is a fatal flaw for a head coach.
  • DICKDICK Wealthy Alum
    Cincykid3 said:

    Fun day in the MAC, too. Ball State gets blown out by Indiana, OU getting crushed by UVA, Kent loses by 53...need I go on...maybe Akron will play NW tough tonight.

    great call on the Zips!
  • DICKDICK Wealthy Alum
    Redsea said:

    And we are back to catching every frickin fair catch

    We did lose out first and second team punt returners  ( Young and Gardiner) to injuries in the first half.
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