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  • Hockey Coaching Search Thread

    Miami fans: we want a national championship in hockey, a sweet sixteen, and a G5 NY6 bowl placement

    Miami fans during coaching searches: let's find someone cheap
  • Jive Banned?

    I figured it out!

    We have several ranges of IP addresses automatically set to ban because they are used by spammers: anyone who logs in from one of those IPs is automatically banned. Jive logged in from an IP address in one of the banned ranges, and he was automatically banned as a result. I have unbanned him, so if someone who's in touch with him could let him know, I'd appreciate it.

    Also, we will be tweaking our IP autoban filters, as they are apparently overbroad.

    Apologies to Jive and everyone else.
    I should avoid logging in from Russia, but all that spam convinced me there were singles waiting for me.
    mrgredhawkicepicsSpanks004laxmomMowchEDDIEScalperThe_Rockskin66AORedHawk33and 11 others.
  • Miami @ Campbell By The Numbers

    Campbell Camels MESSAGE BOARD.

    mollautt has already been over there.
    You mean other forums actually let users register?
  • Ohio University must be destroyed

    The play calling the last two drives destroyed me...why were we doing a bunch formation when Smith was able to run when we were spread a bit? I was totally confused on switching formations there.

    We needed to make the game closer....that's our style.

    Chuck wanted to improve his record in one possession games.
  • 2019 season tickets go on sale tomorrow

    And, there’s not a shortage of tickets to buy for individual games.
    not to mention, Chuck Martin thinks your an idiot.
    With that grammar, he might be right ;)
  • What's with the bullying, outing and profanity?

    Biggest issues with HawkTalk:

    1. Some dude doxing people and aiming for vigilante justice because a joke went over his head (who also sends messages to people threatening them)

    2. A legitimate football thread has more posts about stocks than football

    3. The four letter word which shall not be named
  • Peter Vaas

    Seriously...no one researched this before assembling the officiating crew??? Even if he was being fair, the conflict of interest should not be allowed.

    I think you could make the case that Louisiana should be upset that a former Miami coach was put in that role. How would we all be reacting if the replay official formerly coached at Louisiana?
    Yeah. I don't think any official should have ties, positive or negative, to either university. I don't think that's a lot to ask for from an official, particularly one with as much importance as the replay official.
  • Miami Two Deep Iowa

    Just a heads up, there's some discussion on this already in the game notes thread.
  • Iowa Game Thread

    I thought Sorenson and Mayock had nice games but it seems like Miami is lacking a lot in the skill positions.  
    All three running backs averaged 3+ yards per carry against the best line we'll play. Receivers got separation and made good catches. A couple BAD drops. The defensive backs covered well until calls got weird. I'm curious how the d line does against a different o line that doesn't have at least 3 NFL draft picks on it.
  • Fire Chuck Martin

    For everyone who is excited about Chuck’s great accomplishment of winning the MAC East this year, remember Central was 1-11 last year, 0-8 in the MAC.

    That's impossible...it should take 6 years at minimum!

    Central had talent and really good quarterbacking. Bono could recruit but he couldn't coach himself out of a wet bag. Chuck had a team of D2 players to start with. No quarterback. A line that couldn't block an FCS rush (Treadwell didn't believe in S&C). Slow receivers. Fat tight ends. DBs that were about as useful as a traffic cone. I'm not sure anyone from that team would start over anyone at Central. Maybe Kaleb Patterson?

    Damn, there's just a wee-bit of revisionist history here in terms of the players Chuck inherited. True, the offensive line was terrible and the overall team subpar, but Chuck did inherit slightly more than a handful of All-MAC (or future All-MAC players) and multi-year impact players, e.g., David Frazier, Kent Kern, JT Jones, Bryson Albright, Collin Buchanan, Brison Burris, Heath Harding, Austin Gearing, Rokeem Williams, Jared Murphy, and Fred McRae.

    A lot of those guys seen all MAC because they played entire games and every team gets to have someone in the all MAC squad at the end of the season.

    David Frazier was a playmaker.

    I’m not sure Collin starts this season. Doyle was first team all conference and Skibinski is way more athletic than Collin.

    Burris doesn’t start over Weatherford or Brown.

    Albright and Jones were great, but who was behind them? Our backup defensive ends have 13.5 sacks.

    Advanced stats love Banks and Rugumba over Harding, but he drove that team. I could see him starting.

    Gearing put up 4 sacks playing across JT Jones. He made it into the NFL because he was an interesting prospect for someone who never played defense. I could see him play if he had spent 4 years at the line.

    Rokeem... you’re kidding, right? He had one of the worst catch rates in college football. Would not see the field.

    Murphy caught everything. He’d play.

    Kent Kern couldn’t stay on the field. He was good but his knees failed him.

    McRae? That doesn’t justify a real response. He was pushed out because he was taking up a scholarship.

    So two defensive ends, a DB, and a receiver are going to turn an 0-12 team into a MAC contender?

    Fred McRae lol