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  • Hockey Coaching Search Thread

    Miami fans: we want a national championship in hockey, a sweet sixteen, and a G5 NY6 bowl placement

    Miami fans during coaching searches: let's find someone cheap
  • Jive Banned?

    I figured it out!

    We have several ranges of IP addresses automatically set to ban because they are used by spammers: anyone who logs in from one of those IPs is automatically banned. Jive logged in from an IP address in one of the banned ranges, and he was automatically banned as a result. I have unbanned him, so if someone who's in touch with him could let him know, I'd appreciate it.

    Also, we will be tweaking our IP autoban filters, as they are apparently overbroad.

    Apologies to Jive and everyone else.
    I should avoid logging in from Russia, but all that spam convinced me there were singles waiting for me.
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  • Miami @ Campbell By The Numbers

    Campbell Camels MESSAGE BOARD.

    mollautt has already been over there.
    You mean other forums actually let users register?
  • Ohio University must be destroyed

    The play calling the last two drives destroyed me...why were we doing a bunch formation when Smith was able to run when we were spread a bit? I was totally confused on switching formations there.

    We needed to make the game closer....that's our style.

    Chuck wanted to improve his record in one possession games.
  • 2019 season tickets go on sale tomorrow

    And, there’s not a shortage of tickets to buy for individual games.
    not to mention, Chuck Martin thinks your an idiot.
    With that grammar, he might be right ;)
  • Pigskin Preview!

    If there was truly a concern about the state of our S&C program under Harker, it sure didn’t sound like it while he was here.

    We kept hearing from the staff how much bigger, stronger, and faster we were, and the players would tell us in interviews how great their time in the weight room was with Harker. Chuck only fired him because he wasn’t traveling with the team at the time of his wife giving birth!!

    Sounds like Luke Kelly is doing well though and a good replacement.

    I heard very differently from the players in private. A lot of current linemen attribute their knee injuries to him and several players said they never fully healed from injuries because of how he handled rehabilitation.

    I don’t doubt it, but if this was the case, why didn’t Chuck fire him earlier? Pure negligence on his part. Surely he should have had a pulse on what was happening in the weight room.
    Keep in mind the head trainer was fired at the same time. If you're a HC and don't know physiology or sports medicine, Harker looks like the guy on paper. Every kid was hitting records on bench and squat and everything else. The problem was a lack of focus on supporting muscles, position specific muscles, and flexibility.

    When you're hearing Palmer talk about how they're working new muscles in their legs they hadn't hit before, or Rigg talking about how they're balancing upper body more for OL to really control people, or (I think) Ragland saying they're working QBs along a more specialized lifting routine, red flags pop up.

    Why do our 310 lb lineman who have great bench and squat numbers, have a hard time moving other teams 230lb defensive ends? That S&C gap starts showing itself more when you know you have talent vs when you were fielding a D2 team and don't know if guys were bad, weak, slow, or all of the above.
  • Toledo Series

    They took game two 3-2. They're now 24-5 (7-1) on the season. They've won 6 in a row and 21 of the last 23. Miami actually has a decent shot at winning 40 games this season, which would be the first time doing that since 2005.

    Completely unrelated, but while I was looking that up, I just found out that Miami won an NCAA tournament game that season 35-8.

    I'd take that 2005 team, over this one, any day.  That 2005 team was stacked!  What a time to be on campus to see some of the best baseball.  Games were started at 3pm, the grill going down the first base line.  I miss those days.
    Leave it to HawkTalk to start comparing the glory days and bitch about a 24-5 team...
  • Week 2: Around the MAC

    Speaking of Duke, Army, yes Army bball played them tough...and I think we play the Knights in bball, as well.

    Is losing by 22 playing someone tough? If so good to know we played Butler tough. We're still heavy computer favorites over them. We'll see how each team is doing 10 days from now.

    Ugh, by Duke's own admission, they
    pulled away in the last 8-9 minutes, otherwise it was a close game....Miami was
    never threatening Butler at any point.


    Black Knights, b-ball?  When's the last time they pushed anyone good, not sure. Of course we play them this year.

    "But, unlike when they built a 22-point lead in the
    first 10 minutes against Kentucky, the Blue Devils could never feel comfortable
    against the Black Knights until opening a 17-point lead with 9:26 to play in
    Sunday’s game.

    Army trailed by just six
    points, 67-61, with 12:14 to play before Duke’s game-deciding run."


    I look forward to
    your (Jive) trey-laden offense all year (not really as you know), it went so swimmingly against Butler!

    Army shot 31 3s and was better from 3 than 2. 31. 31. You'd cry watching that yet it's what kept the game close. Should we get back into points per shot or is that math too tough for you? Don't be a hypocrite talking about Miami doing it but praising Army. Pick one.

  • Bowl????

    Kinda pathetic, don’t ya think?
    Since when is goofing off and having fun pathetic?
  • The Crawfords

    Some fans at Miami basketball games treat it as a tennis match and even get mad when you yell and cheer. President Crawford was getting everyone to stand up and cheer the last few minutes of the game, something that almost takes a miracle to accomplish.