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  • Recap

    Ticket office sold 4000.
    Hard to say since so many people I knew from Miami were wearing nd colors. Sad really

    Met a guy who was not wearing his Miami gear but wearing ND stuff. When asked why he was being a traitor, he said that the Redskins we're not playing, and he was not a RedHawk so he felt no disloyalty. Great, huh?!?
  • MAC tournament champs!!

    Downs Kent 5-3. On to the NCAA tournament!
  • Miami hosts Ohio on Sunday at noon

    Crushes OU 5-0 to win sole possession of the reg season MAC title. Way to go ladies!!!
  • Where is the problem with this team?

    I fear the Louisville game could get out of hand.
  • Camp Opened Today!!

    I remember when Miami was coached by guys like Randy Walker and Terry Hoeppner and how they would prepare Miami teams to take on "bigger" opponents. Miami's last "tomahawk" win was 2007 vs. Syracuse.
    Chuck Marin has never, to my knowledge, talked about Tomahawk wins. In fact, here are Chuck Martin's recent statements on non-conference games (8.2.19):

    "what happens if an Ohio State [player] grabs his right arm and rips it off his body and throws it into the bleachers"

    "no one talks to me about the schedule.  I don't really worry about the schedule.  I wish I would do the scheduling.  It would be way different."

    "our kids are excited about going to Kinnick Stadium....going to the 'shoe is a once in a lifetime experience.  Lot of kids dream of playing for the Buckeyes, and playing at the 'shoe, [giggling]not coming in there as the Redhawks[/giggling].

    "[the three road games are]..great road tests.  Is it an awesome way to start off the year.... from a win/loss perspective, probably not."

    "it is pretty cool going to some of these venues.  you won't have to give one of those 'win one for the gipper speaches' to get your kids revved up to go out there and play.  [giggling]Now halfway through the game you might have to give a speech to get the kids to go back out there[/giggling].

    This is Y6 of the Chuck Martin tenure.  This is after our heralded recruiting classes.  It sounds like we are lambs to the slaughter.  Perhaps he's right.  Perhaps there is no more place for programs like Miami to compete with the likes of Iowa, Ohio State and Cincinnati.  Perhaps we will never have any more Tomahawk victories. 

    Based on those comments, I'll pass on purchasing any tickets to Ohio State.  Last thing I want is to be hit by a body part from one of the Miami players - - - or watch one of the coaches trying to coax the Miami players back onto the field at halftime
    Amen. I like this guys less and less. Someone want to put together an email to send for the AD to tell them this doesn’t fly?
  • Game in Houston, TX

    Miami wins 5-2!  Go Redhawks!!!
  • Iowa Game Thread

    Very giddy about Gabbert...don’t even care if we lose.
  • Miami vs. Louisiana Game Thread

    Our defense is a joke.
  • Miami vs. Louisiana Game Thread

    Our defense is a joke.

    You are a joke
    And you’re a douche bag. What else is new?
  • Next season

    1. Glad we got a few extra weeks of practice. This should help us in the spring.
    2. We’re in good hands for the next 3 years with Gabbert. O-line should be fine as well. Haven’t said these 2 things in a years.
    3. 4-0 preseason is not going to happen, solely due to the Chuck factor. But figure at least 2-2 or 3-1. Chuck is a head case and will find a way f something up.
    4. We need a kicker.
    5. We need a D line.
    6. Benedict Narduzzi must be destroyed. Or met by a ton of boos to say the least. I have friends and family who went to Pitt, so I’ll try to make it to the game.
    7. Bester has grown on me. Didn’t like him too much at first (due to the debacle at Norte Dame). Should do well next year.
    8. Chuck Martin still sux.