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  • B12 Expansion

    Back to this Big 12 thread as intended, the University of Dayton is now in discussions to be a Big 12 member. There's a group of alums who have the millions it'll take to build a 55,000 person football stadium on the current site of the Montgomery County Fairgrounds, and then kick in the cash to start an endowment for 75 full football scholarships, as well as fully fund all women's athletics scholarships, and move to D-1 football. UD Arena and Welcome Stadium will both be torn down to build a new 20,000 seat basketball arena, with multiple luxury suites.
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  • Yager

    NOOOOOOOOO! I do not like that design.  Whenever it rains, we hurry up to the top row and sit under the ledge formed by our pressbox. If they put the private boxes in that area, I will probably eventually get pneumonia sitting out in the open on rainy, cold November nights as I get older and weaker. Remember the loyal fans!!

    Sounds like you'll be first on the list to buy a box, DICK! 
    Alright, who wants to start the Crowdsourcing Campaign to put "Dick in a Box"?

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  • Lord Stanley’s Cup is coming to Miami

    On September 5th, Lord Stanley’s Cup will be brought to Miami by Mitch Korn and John Walton. Both are employees of the Washington Capitals, who won the Stanley Cup by defeating the Las Vegas Golden Knights.
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  • Akron, Eastern, Ball State

    Miami's got this.  Gonna win out, OU, and other MAC-East teams will lose strange ways, and Miami will be in the MAC Title Game.

    Between now and then, Bluesman will start 75 new threads in the Football section, and 56 new threads in men's basketball.

    Martin is auditioning for his next job. He’s cramming for a final exam, like a student who hasn’t been in class all term.
  • Miami vs UAH

    Does Miami make a return trip to UAH next season?
    That’ll be the College Winter Classic played at Legion Field. Get your tickets now!
  • Amazing three point shooting

    So the best outside shooters are taking the most 3-point shots?  What is this strange logical practice that goes on?
  • Army Game Thread

    It is both homecoming and parents weekend. Person in the visitor center said the crowd would be overwhelming to the roads and parking lots.
    Why didn’t they have Homecoming the first weekend like Miami?
  • MAC bowl games

    I haven’t posted one of these in a wh-ile. Just watch it thru for the see-saw joke

  • Hockey Coaching Search Thread

    Walk off win yet again for the RedHawks today! Sweep of EMU!
    Best head coaching search news I’ve heard in a week!