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  • Army Game Thread

    And before we get too crazy talking about how great today was please remember Army played with a backup qb who has never completed a pass. They also played without their starting FB.
  • Prediction Thursday: MU @ Minny

    Minnesota 29
    Cincinnati 23
  • 5 years of Solich vs. Martin

    1st half scores

    Miami 73 Ohio 69

    2nd half scores

    Ohio 79 Miami 16

  • GAME THREAD: Miami @ Marshall

    I can't believe Martin said that we were outplaying Marshall except the kick returns.  Completely wrong.  We are very very fortunate to be down only 8.  We recovered a fumble (great play) ran it to the 3 and needed all 4 plays to score.  We can't block them.  We have zero pass rush.  Their WRs are awesome and ours are entirely average.   We are outmanned by a 3-9 CUSA team. 
  • Harouna

    I think i know less about the situation now than I did before after reading that article
  • First Time Poster, Long Time Idiot

    AND called the school cheap.  
    The head football coach calls his employer cheap and it gets forgotten. Tells you everything you need to know.

    I've talked to a few others off the board. Martin was emotional, we beat OU for the first time in 5 years, he says it how it is. He made a mistake, Sayler talked to him (according to his email to me), he was fired up. Move on.
    When given a chance to apologize the next week in his conference call Coach martin chose not to do it. He wasnt emotional then. If fans want to be upset that he called them idiots and the school cheap i think that is within their rights. I think Coach is on the right path in football but you can be respectful too
  • Jalen Adaway-Transferring

    This information makes me sad
  • Blasi Fired per CHN

    Mollaut- I agree with you. My favorite sports are football and men's basketball.  I watch every game.  I don't even have the NCHC web package.  I am just telling you what the university sells on recruiting trips to general students.  
  • Phil Steele Preview

    Per FBS future schedule website. Ohio State was added in 2017 and Iowa was 2013 - the UC series was recently announced (maybe last year) as was the FCS
  • The Law of Unintended Consequences and the end of the UC rivalry in football.

    I agree with Swoop.  Miami is no longer competitive with Cincinnati in Football.  It is no longer competitive with X and UD in basketball.  Those rivalries are gone. 

    I agree we are not competitive with Xavier and UC in basketball.  We haven't been competitive with Dayton in basketball.  Those rivalries are already gone.

    I do not agree with the football doom and gloom with UC.  UC is probably at a higher level - but in our massive losing streak they were in a BCS conference for many of those years.  Since they were relegated to the AAC (arguably an in between the P5 and G5) we have been very competitive- we just haven't won.  Everyone knows we should have won in 2017.  I think we probably should have won in 2015 (the 33-30 game).  Last year was a ridiculous rain storm and our QB couldn't grip the ball properly.  Remember we haven't won any non-conference games under Chuck Martin- not just UC.  I would hate to give up that rivalry and replace with more games with UMass and/or Liberty.