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  • Shout out to the freshman football player parents

    My wife and I were in the University Golf Course tailgate area in Iowa City on Saturday, and were wearing our Miami gear.  Someone spotted us in the sea of gold and black and invited us to join them for their tailgate. Turns out the folks were parents of some of the freshman Miami football players.  I wanted to give them a big thank you and appreciated their hospitality.  Not sure how to post a photo on here, but you know who you were!
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  • Great chance for a road win at BG

    This team is fun to watch!  I like the spacing on offense and the athleticism overall.  Ringo and Brown are really exciting players.  I haven't attended a Saturday afternoon game in a long time, but I plan on going up on the 20th and 27th.
  • 2019 season tickets go on sale tomorrow

    OK, so this topic reminds me that I have not had an official notice or call or email or text saying I can use the real money I paid for an imaginary bowl game for my season tickets  I emailed the dude  He responded quickly  Said he was sorry he forgot to notify me.  I then, fool that I am, renewed my tickets.  It is very probable we will not be able to attend any game until the end of the season  We will be traveling through Iowa the day before we play them  How many times need I be hit with that hammer before I realize I am the person swinging it.  Ah crap, I may stay over in that area and see my team play 
    Skin66, I am glad to hear this.  I have been wondering why we haven't had an official announcement about this.  I would hope the athletic department would have the courtesy to send out e-mails to all those who put deposits down, or at least send out a general announcement to that effect.
  • @ Miami-FL in 2023

    No, we are 0-3 vs the 'Canes in football, the last time we played them in 1985 they were #1.  Also, in the 90's I personally attended an overtime win by Miami basketball over Miami F in a game played in Palm Beach.  I think David Scott had like 38 points or some sort of huge game.
    Miami Hawk Talker JT and I went to the game in the Orange Bowl on November 7, 1987.  Our Miami lost 54-3.  They were the National Champions that year and were coached by Jimmy Johnson and had a guy named Michael Irvin as their star receiver-he scored a touchdown in that game.  Gary Gussman kicked a field goal and we lost, 54-3.  However, after the game, JT yelled to the Miami fan bus, 'We might have lost, but NOBODY shuts out the Skins!'  The bus erupted into a big cheer.  Turns out Notre Dame played them that same year and got shut out, so we were at least better that way.

  • Miami at Akron at 8:00 Monday night in the MAC Tournament

    Sounds like we need to win the rubber match.  Only fitting that the opponent is Akron when playing a rubber match!
  • Cleveland area earthquake

    I'm heading up there tomorrow for the Reds-Indians game.  Hope they don't have any aftershocks!
  • 2019 Cincinnati Reds thread

    That one hurt, still 5 games under .500
    It sure did, Dick.  I hate to see them blow two 5 run leads.  Both starters were among the top three in the NL in ERA and both got lit up.  Need to take 2 or 3 at minimum in Chicago or things could spiral downward in a hurry.