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  • Cradle rocks again

    Sheldon White has been named interim GM for the Detroit Lions.  A former Miami DB and HOF'er
  • It Will Never Happen Again, So I Must Post It.

    The Firebird staff are from BGA - Bob Gregg Academy, so they are in good hands. Back in the day, Bob would take sophomores and untested juniors to scrimmage a small school varsity team (Chaminade, Bellbrook, etc) to get experience. So we go to scrimmage Springboro on a 98 degree day. The whole town is there (and a few cows, hogs and chickens - circa 1980). In typical Bob fashion, we’re doing conditioning drills BEFORE the scrimmage - those farm boys hadn’t seen anything like it. Of course, the townsfolk think they are playing the real varsity, so they are into it. It goes back and forth for a quarter or so, and the game gets chippy. Bob tells the ref to get control or he’s leaving. The ref thinks this is the biggest thing in Springboro history so no way this guy’s leaving. Sure enough, Springboro cheap shots the Elks QB - Bob tells the ref what he can do with his whistle (probably anatomically possible, but would be painful) and tells us to get on the bus. Then the pitchfork and torch scene from Young Frankenstein breaks out. Bob tells everyone to give the good folks of Springboro the “Centerville Salute” as we are dodging rocks, cans, and the odd hurled chicken as we gunned it back home. We are all laughing like hell until we get back - and Bob puts us through a full on practice.
  • If you're satisfied with the progress, you're lying to yourself

    Technically, we win out and we are bowl eligible!!!
  • @ Purdue in 2027

    I’d love to play Ole Miss in Oxford