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  • No Press is Bad Press

    Here is the email I just sent to David Sayler and Chuck Martin.....i'm so disappointed right now....

    Subject:  Regrettable actions

    I am a Miami graduate and former football athlete that lived through the painful end of the Tim Rose era and the promise of the Randy Walker era.  One of the most important things that Coach Walker brought to us was impeccable leadership, in the light of exceptionally poor performance and morale.

    I've been pleased to see how the 2018 team has remained positive and playing with a "never give up" mentality....in light of a significant amount of injuries and a lack of success over the recent years.  Something that should be commended.


    The press conference after the OU game, the way that Coach Martin conducted himself was the antithesis of the style of leadership that Coach Walker brought back to Miami.  To have one of our Coaches call our institution and our conference "cheap", so publicly, is simply reprehensible.

    Our school motto, "to accomplish without being conspicuous" was flatly violated in that press conference.  You'll notice my email signature line....these are words that many of us live by.  I would implore you to recognize that with great power comes great responsibility; that with a microphone you represent our beloved home.  Succeed and act like you deserve to be successful, without arrogance....be thankful....be humble.

    Either respect that responsibility and represent us....with Love and Honor.....or just put the "microphone down" and move on.


    Prodesse Quam Conspici
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  • Army Game Thread

    nice to see that Koenig got some recognition this week.....but who the F writes this BS for the website.


    "For the second time in three weeks, Brad Koenig has been named Mid-American Conference East Division Defensive Player of the Week.
    The senior linebacker had a career-high 23 tackles, one tackle for loss and a forced fumble last week at Army. The 23 tackles rank 11th all-time in Miami football history for tackles in a game.
    Koenig was also part of a defense that allowed zero passing yards versus the Black Knights.
    Miami returns to action next Tuesday (Oct. 30) with a trip to Buffalo. Opening kick is set for 8 p.m."
  • Ohio University must be destroyed

    Thank god the backup QB was slower than Chuck Long
  • Michigan starts new AD search

    this topic always makes me laugh....

    1. David Sayler would get hired by Michigan (not saying this will happen now) before Brad Bates because David Sayler can raise money

    2. Brad Bates couldn't navigate the political landscape at little old Miami....what makes anyone think he could do so at Michigan....there's more political landmines in Ann Arbor than both the DNC and RNC combined

    3. Brad Bates didn't make Hockey relevant, Enrico Blasi did....he's the coach, the recruiter, the mind behind The Brotherhood....not the AD.  Heck Steve Cady is much more in line for the credit before Brad Bates.

  • Ball St. Game

    I’m going to make the long drive to oxford just to kick this ESPN+ color guys ass while he tries to eat his hotdog at the half
  • Ohio University must be destroyed

    @skin66. You outkicked the coverage. ;)
  • Ohio University must be destroyed

    Pretty sure I just heard 1 of the 157 people in the stands yell out “WTF was that” after the 3rd down play. I agree
  • 2019 Football commits

    ugh....good enough for MAC East Champ UB, but not for MU!

    if you recognize the last name....Papa was the tallest player in the MAC at 6'9"
  • Pick The Underdog...Week 10

    oh fudge....EMU....