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  • Duluth series

    Wow just checked in - down 4-0. I haven’t watched one hockey game this season. Time for Rico to go.
  • Ohio University must be destroyed

    Even a win feels like a loss. Not an enjoyable win.
  • Hockey Coaching Search Thread

    This is a very, very far off thought - and I am not saying I agree with it or disagree with it - any thoughts on Blasi being retained in an assistant capacity?  The reason I bring this up is because of his and Berg's relationship as both players and coaches, and what they were able to do before he left for BG.
  • So what is our hockey team doing this week?

    Some kind of message needs  to be sent when team fares well below talent level and expectations. Rico and his coaches also need to step up their game to stem the decline in MIAMI Hockey

    You are wrong to beat up on "Rico and his coaches"
    Rico's former ASSISTANT is making 5 times what Rico makes,coaching the Red wings!
    He is here due to dedication and on a mission. And is a damn good coach to those not ignorant
    About hockey.
    Some "fans" need to step up,their game,too!Especially ones who's total investment is an email address.
    Sorry, I have to disagree a bit. Rico has done great things with this program, but Rico's former colleagues shouldn't have anything to do with Rico's performance. Jeff Blashill is with the Red Wings, good for him, but none of his other coaches have hit it big time sort to speak, and I don't mean that as a knock on any current or former Miami assistants. But I digress, and this has nothing to do with one's job performance and execution while at Miami.

    As a dedicated Miami hockey fan, who has traveled across the country to see this team perform multiple times, who tirelessly watches a crappy internet feed (that makes our FCS non HD broadcasts look like ultra HD by the way) even when we are being shalacked, who has spent a ton of money on a Miami education that in someway supports the athletic department, it is perfectly alright to be frustrated with Rico and the team at times. This team has underperformed many a times, and while a miracle would be nice to fix all this woe, just accountability and direct acknowledgment of the present seems like a totally acceptable response.
  • Frozen Four - 2018

    random side bar, nice shout out by Bucci about Tommy Wingles and Miami
  • Bowl????

    Mud Dogs! Mud Dogs!!!  If only Boucher was still QB'ing us!
    Louisiana Tech? Tulane? Louisiana-Monroe? South Central Louisiana State University?  These prognosticators really want us to play Swamp People.

    I'd like to play Tulane. Those fans can party, and we've already seen a triple option team this year for prep.

    As long as they share their etouffee and jambalaya I'm good with playing any of the mud-bug eating, gator skinning Swamp People.

    Can we play the Mud Dogs in the Bourbon Bowl?!?!?!?

  • CHN reporter hearing news that Rico's staff is out

    What did people think this season was going to be? 
    • Six players left, forced out
    • Two new coaches
    • Nine freshmen on the roster 

    This was a overhaul, the bottom. Likely two years away from being back to where it should be. Incoming talent level is improving. Give these new coaches a year or two to bring in the talent.  
    5 of the last 6 years have been awful.  I feel like we hear the same thing over and over again...we keep kicking the can down the road, as we have done with football and basketball "What about the recruits?, etc."  He has had more than enough time over the years to rectify the problems.
  • Hockey Coaching Search Thread

    How about George Gwozdecky? He has the pedigree and a great history. He’s coaching now at the high school level, so Miami would seem like a huge step up, plus he is familiar with the NCHC and Miami.