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    NOW we wear gray unis?   Where were they last week, when we could have camouflaged ourselves?
  • Disgusted

    I just read this thread for the first time. It is the most depressing and outrageous thing I have seen here since I became a poster on this board. Thank you to everyone who worked on the 6th Man Club, and who in other ways did their selfless best to help Miami. I admire you all greatly.
  • 2019 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament

    Well I just tweeted our whole coaching staff so let’s see what happens

    Well I just tweeted our whole coaching staff so let’s see what happens


    Yay maybe our coaching staff can resume the duties of their employment at Miami University now.
    This reminds me of our football game at Notre Dame. Instead of going up there with a burning determination to win—and communicating that to the team—CM seemed to see himself as the leader of a pilgrimage to genuflect at the Golden Dome. Players pick up on that, we proceed to get drilled.

  • NCAA Tournament

    Two fun things Sunday:  1)  Watching Mick Cronin go nuts   2)  Seeing North Carolina get soundly beaten.
  • Women's World Cup

    I also served, and several of his former Green Beret colleagues have said his position on this issue is a disgrace.  Notwithstanding that, the bottom line is that he's entitled to his opinion, as we all are.  As I said, I question not Rapinoe's right to do this, but her judgment.  There are many avenues she could have pursued to make her point without taking actions that many people, including me, are offended by.  The flag symbolizes something far bigger than Rapinoe, Donald Trump, or anyone else.  

    This issue also highlights the infection of every part of life (academia, music, sports, TV, movies, etc.) by politics.  But that is a different discussion.
  • 2019 MLB thread

    I started watching the Pirates-Astros game last night in the top of the ninth, with the score 8-1 Pirates.  Astros Manager A.J. Hinch clearly decided the bullpen was too stressed, so he brought in first baseman Tyler White to pitch.  White gave up six runs, including two homers, recorded only two outs, and the Pirates batted around.  Hinch pulled him, apologized to him, and then selected as the next pitcher . . . catcher Max Stassi!  Stassi got the final out.  The final score was 14 to 2.  It was White's fifth appearance on the mound this year, and the first time in Astros' history that two position players pitched in the same game.  Not good for White's ERA!
  • Women's World Cup

    Politics aside, Rapinoe and Trump are more alike than they are different. Both are very brash, outspoken, and seemingly have no filter.

    One puts their hand on their heart for the national anthem, and one doesn't.

    Which doesn't make a god damn bit of difference.

    =>Symbolism over substance. Irrelevant in the end.

    That said, poor form to protest during the national anthem when playing for your national team. Much different than doing that crap during a club match.


    Nah. If you're going to protest peacefully, do it where your message will be most widely viewed.

    I admit to a bias: The caskets of my father and several friends were covered with the US flag at their burials. Nobody has a right to protest at work; Given that she has been allowed to do this at her workplace, I question not her right to do so, but her judgment: Rapinoe’s virtue signaling will make many people less interested in supporting the US team. Whether she is right or wrong, she has placed her own ego above the team. It’s not as if there aren’t plenty of sympathetic media outlets who would be happy to give her a megaphone outside the games.
  • Coaching Carousel 2019

    Billy Kennedy fired by Texas A&M