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  • Fall Camp 2019

    I was able to swing by practice this morning. Here are a couple impressions I came away with:

    Gabbert took pretty much all of the first team QB reps. Mayer and Williamson rotated in some, but primarily worked with the 2's.

    Overall I didn't come away with a warm and fuzzy feeling about the offense. The attrition and recruiting whiffs at WR seem apparent. Everything seems slow and not in rythm. None of the QBs threw the ball particularly well, although Mayer did have a couple decent plays. Perhaps they've just reached the point of camp where they need to face someone else in a different uniform. I dont know, but hopefully they keep improving between now and Iowa.

    On the flipside, I thought the defense looked great. They played with a lot of intensity and were flying all over the field. Our secondary has the chance to be the best in the MAC imo and Rugamba has a chance to be a pro.

    Kimpler was out of a sling. He didn't practice but that still seems encouraging. Knock on wood, but I didn't see a lot of guys out injured.

    We probably have the best Kicker/Punter combo in the MAC. They killed it.
  • Coaching Search

    I don't care about the new coach's color or creed. I just want the best available candidate that's willing to come to Oxford.

    As previously mentioned, if the rumored new hire is correct, I'm excited.

    But what if he listens to Creed???
    We welcome Coach Owens... with arms wide open
  • Miami Student-Another Mistake

    So from typos in a college newspaper to people's lives going off the tracks. Man, that escalated quickly. Poor Sarah, doesn't even know her life is already ruined.
  • Miami @ Ball State Game Thread

    How bad is AJ Mayer?
  • If you're satisfied with the progress, you're lying to yourself

    I'm ok with lying to myself. It's all I have right now

    I was not happy about taking the 3 points off the scoreboard and accepting the 15 yd penalty, but I am very happy that we are showing a blended offense with an explosive running game. Go Redhawks!
    Then you must have loved michael reghi and Dustin Fox's mind numbing conversation about it during the telecast.

    I thought chuck made the right call. I would have to think 99% of coaches do the same. Hindsight is 20/20. Bester just needs to hold onto the ball.
  • Freshman QB Last Night

    Greggie is still furious we took a QB in the 2019 class. God help us if Mayer or Williamson transfer.
  • UC AD to USC

    This assumes USC doesn’t keep Clay Belton
    A lot has changed since washing out at Miami. Good for him!
  • Fire Chuck Martin

    Extend Chuck? Starting to think we should be having that convo.

    Everybody still onboard for the contract extension?

    Ha because we won a game by less than we should have? Good lord. It's one game. We had every reason to come out lethargic and we did. It's not great, I get it. Our QB played shitty. It's going to happen with a true freshman. But we still won and hopefully it's a learning experience for the guys. So yeah, I'm still ok with keeping chuck around.
  • Coaching Carousel 2019

    Fickell is content to wait for the Buckeye job.
    While Fickell has certainly raised his coaching profile during his tenure at UC, to think he can sit back and wait for OSU is pretty far-fetched imo.