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  • Will the real Peyton Manning please come forward?

    2.  One day in the week before the Super Bowl Colin Cowherd started talking about the public images of Brady and Manning.  Cowherd said that he has many connections of people who are around both and that while Manning has a great public image and Brady has a damaged public image, people that are around them have the exact opposite opinions about them.  While Brady is a great guy's guy who is loved by teammates and others around him, Manning is a control freak who gets along with very few  people. I respect Cowherd

    I like you Dick, but that just invalidated that whole paragraph for me.  Cowherd is a blowhard who states opinion as fact.  See John Wall, see Sean Taylor, see the remarks that got him tossed at ESPN.  He's great at stirring people up but he's a clown who thinks far too highly of his opinions.

    Manning isn't an angel, and I doubt he's a monster.  Like everyone, there are a shades of grey.
  • Reason For Hope

    Should bode well for Cooper's next career move as a D-1 Horseshoes coach
  • Best Job in the MAC?

    That said, I'm curious if the names Wayne Embry, Archie Aldridge, Randy Ayers, and Ron Harper resonant with our students today, or even our alumni under the age of say 35. What say you, young whippersnappers?

    Absolutely not.  I'm 33 (class of 2008), and the first 3 names only resonate cause I did a Miami basketball deep dive at one point.  Hell, when I was a kid watching Harper with the Bulls, he was just a defensive stopper, I didn't realize he went to Miami until I made my college choice and that he was an electric factory.  I knew him solely as the player he was post-ACL injury.

    We have Wally and thats about it, and even that is now 20 years ago to incoming classes.  Its great to have tradition and a proud legacy of athletics, but expecting names from 50+ years ago to move the needle recruiting wise isn't a viable strategy.  USF isn't gonna get more than a neat story out of talking about Bill Russell and 2 NCAA championships in the 50s when trying to recruit nowdays.
  • NCAA Coaching Carousel 2018

    Ol' Tommy Tuberville is supposedly a lead name for the DC job at Da U to replace Manny Diaz.
  • Eastbound & Down

    I play real sports, not trying to be the best at exercising 
  • 2019 Pittsburgh Steelers Thread

    “I love how everyone that doesn’t know anything about Ben defends him to the end of the earth but people that actually do consistently give takes on the same lines as you.”

    - Josh Harris. Yes, THAT Josh Harris. 

    Of course, hard to believe he fumbled on purpose.

    Thats not BG Josh Harris, if thats what you're implying.  Its Josh Harris the former RB from Wake.
  • What if not Miami

    I was waitlisted at my first choice, University of Chicago. After that it was a choice between paying ~$30k per year after scholarships to go to one of the higher ranked private schools URochester or Case Western, taking a full ride to go to NDSU, or splitting the difference with Miami. NDSU would have been way better from a sports perspective, but I was still able graduate debt-free at Miami and I can't even imagine trying to compete on the job market these days only having a degree from a lower ranked state school. Rochester and CWRU are both D3 and as much as I like to rip on Miami athletics, I do really appreciate getting to turn on college sports and see my alma mater play. I'm happy with the decision I made.
    U of C, NDSU, Case Western, and Miami....what a wild consideration set.  
  • Coaching Carousel 2019

    Darrin Horn to NKU
    Thats a good hire for them.  He did a really nice job at WKU, and South Carolina is kind of a widowmaker of a job.  Dave Odom is a fantastic coach and he didn't have great success there.  Frank Martin is a very good coach, and save a miracle FF run, he's had kind of a rough time there.  Horn should do pretty well with the foundation set, and hes from the area.

    Not sure what Pat Kelsey is waiting on.  Maybe he likes it in Rock Hill, but his name keeps popping up for jobs, which isnt by accident.  He's not as hot as he was 2 seasons ago, and one bid conferences are tough to stay attractive as a young name.  You move up to a P6 or A10 job like he was discussed for, and you fail, you probably get a top assistant gig and another shot in a few years.  If Winthrop misses the tourney next year, he's looking at a lateral move to another 1 bid conference until they potentially make another run
  • College Team Names

    Not sure how we missed the Hoopeston (IL) Cornjerkers

    I think UC-Irvine Anteaters and Evergreen State Geoducks are pretty great.

    The worst?  NYU Violets
  • Coaching Carousel 2019

    Thad or John Brannen

    Nick Van Exel wants it!
    I wish they would hire Melvin Levett. He coached at Miami Hamilton for a while!

    Didn't he go like 1-22 one year coaching Colerain?