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  • Cincinnati Reds 2018 Thread

    Dear Reds,

    Thank you for the incredible four game sweep of the Cubs.

    Now just be sure and cool off by next weekend.


    Brewers Fan
  • Buffalo on Friday (3/1)

    You have a very good memory dudis.  As you can see from a couple of the video angles Hendu ran right by me and I kept running towards the middle of the court.  The Team tackled Penno right as I was getting there and they fell on right leg.  In that moment I thought I was going to break my leg and worried about the ramifications of that for work, etc. Luckily I was able to wiggle free and they cleared the court quickly due to the clock debacle.  If you look at the video closely you can also see my phone go flying across the court.  Just as luckily I was able to recover it from a random security guard after much searching.  

    My seat was right behind the baseline as I was seated with vendors of mine based in Cleveland that had all-tournament passes.  I felt bad not sitting in the Miami Section for that game but it obviously worked out well. 

    So many great memories from that weekend......

    I hope for everyone's sake there are new memories like this created soon! It's been too long. 

  • Buffalo on Friday (3/1)

    When winning your only MAC Championship in 10 years (and 11 years since and counting) the answer is a resounding NO! :) 

    Great memories.....

  • Play Ball!

    How about The Crew last night!?!? Yelich and Braun with BTB HR's to win it after being down to their final strike. 

    First time in MLB HISTORY game starts and ends with BTB HR's.  

    Pretty Cool. 
  • 2018 Indians thread

    Per twitter Tito actually called for OP (Perez) but the pitching coach misunderstood and thought he said OT (Otero). What a mess up.
  • Miami Men at Akron at 2:00 on Saturday

    Michael Reghi was the only positive surrounding the game today.

    The man is a treasure.
  • 2019 Cincinnati Reds thread

    Great drama today befitting an exciting series.  All three games could have gone either way. 

    It looks like your young pitching is starting to come together which is a great sign.

    Go beat up on the rest of the division!! 
  • Here come the Brewers

    GREAT Time to be a Brewers fan. Sterns has done an incredible job in his term as GM and we’re ahead of schedule. To get 5 years of Yelich (inexpensivly) for surplus outfield depth is a coup and Cain has the speed and defense we need. Also both don’t strikeout like the rest of our lineup (Santana, Braxton). Still plenty of payroll flexibility to sign and/or trade for a SP. Never thought they would be one game away last year and am beyond pumped for 2018.
  • @ Kent tomorrow (2/5)

    Can’t pin this all on #1. Nike was great for 38 minutes......the last two will haunt.
  • @ Kent tomorrow (2/5)

    To be fair he did say “my fault” after the shot clock violation and he was understandably frustrated after just losing the game. Without him we aren’t even in this game. Granted he needs to “mature” quickly but there were plenty of other mistakes made down the stretch and others who “disappeared”.