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  • Who made Coach Martin MAD? LMAO

    Perhaps don't block your school's biggest fans on twitter, don't call out fans who actually showed up to the game, as they actually give a fuck...and just win. Learn how to coach with a lead, preserve a lead, and not call stupid plays
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  • Bowl????

    Sayler replied to a tweet of mine: "Numbers of bowl eligible teams are tough, but plan to continue to be aggressive.....will be getting something out soon to fans!! On it.....stay tuned and thanks for the continued interest in supporting our efforts! Much appreciated."
  • Trey

    Ok responding to many responses. I feel only people that were there have a take so please respect the take. However the new gen what what they want, however. I am not sure they know what they are missing from old days of no treys!
    God damn you drunk? This is like me from 2007 after brickstreet water towers
  • 2019 season tickets go on sale tomorrow

    Only one home game in first four games - Tennessee Tech. Possible MAC home game on Sept 28.

    And this board will be blowing up again after we start 1-3 with another loss to UC.

    We play two ranked teams and UC just finished the year 11-2...no way we have better than a 1-3 record...but that’s better than 0-4 this year OOC!
  • National signing Day February 7

    Reality chiming in...Leonard Taylor is a top 300 player nationally, regardless of position. Amazing pick up for the Bearcats. Tavion Thomas, their other pick up for the day, is ranked as the nation's #18 RB, and #411 overall.

    Does it matter how talented your players are when Luke Fickell is your coach?
    Do you think UC is saying the same about Martin after this past game? 1-0 Fickell
  • 2018 Cincinnati Bengals Thread

    FINALLY!!! Bengals fans rejoice, but not to the full extent as we know they can easily fuck up the new hire
  • Megan Duffy to Marquette

    I mean that is pretty bullshit. She was here for two (or three?) years, and signed an extension. No commitment to Miami at all.
  • Baseball RPI Surprisingly Lower Than Expectations

    Miami received votes in the National College Baseball Writers Poll. They currently sit at #37!

  • Men's MAC Championship Meet

    The Miami men maintain a slim 3 point lead over favorite Missouri State after the completion of night 2! Divers went 1, 2, 5...and Nick Ward and Nic Wamsley tied for 2nd in the 50 free, just .01 behind first place. Mota got second in the 200 IM, setting another school record. The 200 Free Relay also finished 2nd
  • Blasi Fired per CHN

    Barry Schutte should be first to interview please. Was an amazing recruiter with Bergeron back in the day.