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  • Jalen Adaway-Transferring

    Jalen's role was decreasing towards the end of the year and he was butting heads with the coaching staff. He didn't fit in Coach O's plans anymore. It was time for him to go, it was a mutual thing. He seems like a role player in the A-10. He is basically a version of Marcus Weathers, but I don't think he is as good as Marcus.

    But Mid-Major schools can recruit really good players, example Buffalo and Loyola. If you can get really good JUCO transfers (Buffalo - Jeremy Harris and McRae) and D1 transfers you can really excel at the mid major level. Coaches just have to sell the school as a place that these players can come and succeed and give them the best chance to go to the league. 

  • Millett Hall and Locker Room Renovations

    I think a bigger question is why basketball shares a video room with volleyball. Which they do. I have nothing against volleyball. But basketball needs and deserves their own video room. Surely we can figure out how to accomplish that even with the current facility situation. It's all about that ever elusive commitment to basketball which undoubtedly is what Nick not so subtly was hinting at by starting this thread. 
    At least the men's basketball team now has a video room. Before we didn't at all, so we shouldn't be bashing the fact that we have to share it with volleyball. It is a great space and can be utilized by many different sports teams. I'm happy that we now have one and that the team doesn't have to watch film in the locker room anymore. 
  • Let's Hear Those Predictions

    22-9 Overall, 10-3 Non-Conference (Beating either Butler or Xavier), 12-6 Conference, 3rd Overall in the MAC, 2nd in MAC East. Conference Tournament Winner. NCCA Tournament Bid
  • Miami at Buffalo DH on Monday

    I know Miami's season hasn't been what most expected, but they are a better team then everyone on this blog thinks. Jack is a great coach and knows what he is doing. Injury's have been nagging this team all year long and it isn't Coach O's fault. Y'all need to have some more respect for Jack and his staff because they are really hard working and I believe they will be able to get this program around.