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  • WSU

    Miami gets a great timeout - take note Chuck Martin if you are on-line with us right now!

    The announcer just said “never count Miami out; they know how to win.”
    Does he know our record currently?
  • 2019 Football commits

    DELAND...is second only to Prentice in yardage gained I believe (three time All MAC) and more burst, wiggle than any back that I've seen at Miami.

    I think he had at least THREE 1000+ Yard seasons.

    BTW his son had lots of offers (like other recruits in his class).
    He had an offer from even USC (no not South Carolina, but THE USC).
    His dad was running backs coach at USC prior to his NFL job.

    Great to see him coming to Miami!

  • Camp Opened Today!!

    Martin needs to get a glass half full attitude. If he says things that sound like he doesn’t think there are chances to win, then it just trickles down. He needs to learn how to be a better leader. This many years in and he still, most of the time, does not get it.

    I still think we have a chance for a bowl this year if we can get our offense going early and am looking forward to a good season. Let the games begin!
  • One name. A new coach.

    Hire Mark Staten. I love Miami like we all do. I respect coach Martin and all the players. But the facts are the facts. The results are the results. For some reason we can’t get it done despite the support/physical facilities. Change is what we need...period.

    Agree, I know and played with Mark as well.
    Miami should have hired Staten earlier. He has the connections, the charisma, and the skills to get the job done. Pay him well and give him enough money to hire a solid staff and Miami can be relevant again. Facilities are great now, but that does not always create wins.
  • Preseason Coaches Poll

    That’s OK. The MAC will be ready to take down teams without others expecting us. It is better to be ranked at the end of the season. Early season rankings are crap.
  • Seven Home Games in 2020

    The second 2020 winnable game is???

    These are all winnable hopefully with a QB that is experienced.
    Great 2020 schedule!
    This is far from Iowa/OSU with new QB. UC is always winnable!
    We need to fix the glass 1/2 EMPTY attitude! We need to be glasses that are 1/2 FULL!
  • Ball St. Game

    Swoop running around like he has been in the locker room toking!

    Back in 07 we were playing Syracuse and their Orangeman was dancing around behind the endzone. I was in the front row of the student section and hollered at Swoop to come over. I said to him, I says, "look at that stupid Orange dancing around like a jackass, Swoop. He's showing you up! Swoop looks at me and give me the wing up (you know, like a thumbs up), and proceeds to attack the Orange. A hilarious mascot fight ensued, they rolled around, and a good laugh was had by all. True story.

    On a related note, I also got the finger from Syracuse's return man that afternoon after I used some choice words to describe his masculinity. Good times.

    It’s like to OU mascot attacking Brutus Buckeye.
  • MAC bowl games

    But he wins OOC, Moll....with lesser rated classed than Miami!

    Ducks an runs...

    =>Cake schedules. Doesnt need to fund hauckie.

    PLUS one more thing - Solich is just a better coach with many more years of experience.

    Well that does it.  If you're not blocked on CM's Twitter account, you soon will be.  

    I’m changing my user name ASAP.
  • Miami vs UC Game Thread

    I saw ads for UC on ESPN 3, but I do not recall Miami ads during game. Did I miss them or did Miami drop the ball again?