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  • Starting the Year With Iowa Deja Vu?

    I have a MAC conference champions ring with a Miami tribesman under the red stone. Very proud of it and what it represents. Lots of hard work, fabulous teammates, coaches and fond memories.

    Ever learn the Alma Mater? The ending verse goes "Old Miami New! Miami! Days of old and days to be"?

    I was a proud Redskin (Days of old) and now I'm a proud REDHAWK (days to be).

    In the "days to be" part all I have to say is Go Hawks---kick some Hawkeye, Bearcat and Bobcat ass!!!

    Love + Honor!


    p.s. For the unknowing on this site even way back in '75 we tried to do it
    right. We changed the way the Miami tribesman was represented on the
    cheer group from some painted face whoop it up cartoon caricature to authentic and real.
    (Anybody reading this remember the old days!) The guy even went to the
    Miami Tribe reservation in Oklahoma to learn tribal customs, dances and
    create their own authentic clothing.
    Proud...Authentic...Dignified...Brave...that's what he represented.
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  • Urban Meyer on paid administrative leave

    Zach's not a good guy. My son was a teammate in high school and friend with him at UK. Zach went to BG as a walkon when Urban was there (because Grandpa Earl said if you want to be a coach you need to play for him and see how he does it) and transferred to UK when Urban left. When he was a grad assistant in Florida my son flew to Gainsville and stayed with Zach and Cortney in their condo and he went to a Florida game. So he knows them well.

    Zach was Urban's #1 recruiter and the story was when he was out on the road recruiting he was after more than five star db's. He's had marital and fidelity problems that are well known among his friends.

    Courtney on the other hand is a bit wacko too. Supposedly she had a habit of filing police reports about Zach lurking around and scaring her and violating the restraining order. A buddy told me he'd read in Bucknuts.com that she'd filed police 61 reports over a 2-3 year period. Some of them when Zach would have been at practice or out of town.

    Gonna be interesting to see what happens and what comes out. Friday morning I'd of bet Urban was going to be fired. Now after he said he reported it, throwing Gene Smith under the bus at the same time, think he maybe gets to stay with reputation badly tarnished.
  • The Merry Christmas 2018 Thread

    Merry Christmas to all Hawk Talk fans out there. 

    In the spirit of Christmas keep the smack talk about teams and coaches somewhere else. Plenty of places to vent besides the Merry Christmas site! 

    Personally my kids got me season tickets and parking pass for Hawks next year and I'm elated. Win, lose or draw I'm a fan and will be pleased as punch to head to Oxford game days. Will be thinking about my kids and how lucky I am to be a Miami fan and grad.

    Merry Christmas and LOVE + HONOR!

  • UC or OSU?

    I know OSU would be biggest win in history and I don't care...

    11 in a row to your biggest rival is enough. As far as recruiting goes we're not recruiting against OSU, we're recruiting against UC head to head on most of the kids we're after. 

    It's personal! My nephew played at UC. His wife was a trainer there. Her brother played at UC and was only 2 time captain. 

    Now his son (my great nephew I think) plays at UC and will be on the field this fall when we play them. I wish him the best but...

    I'm really really tired of all the good natured ribbing I'm getting at family functions. I'm tired of all the near misses and end of game melt downs. 

    We'll see each other next on September 14th when we play UC. And we'll be together again in Athens on November 6th where his other son plays for the Bobkittens. 

    Two wins over biggest rivals is better than one win against OSU. (Who's expected to beat us anyway.) Just keep it close and make 'em sweat a it a bunch. 

    And then finally after two huge wins, at our Thanksgiving get together I'll have peace. After 11 traumatic years and balance will be restored in the world!

    So like I said: it's personal-----BEAT UC. 
  • Who made Coach Martin MAD? LMAO

    I've been a Chuck supporter thru all the heartbreak losses. And I've been at most of them over the last five years. Despite all that guess I just kind of liked his line of BS. Seems to me anyway he's always been positive and looked to the future. 

    But that presser was just too much. I agree with a lot of folks here that think he's been told he's done. He's not dumb and those comments were just plain stupid as hell. It just sounded like someone frustrated as hell who knows he's done and venting.

    Hell,he's the highest paid employee at Miami and he's calling them cheap? He knew what he was getting into...budgets and all that. Miami isn't a power five budget situation. Nowhere in the MAC is there a budget anywhere close to power five school and he knew that coming in.That's not cheap, that's reality. 

    Lord knows he's gotten everything he could ask for in the facilities department. Ask anyone who's played for the last 40 years about how much better practice fields and locker rooms are from when they played. Hell in the old locker rooms you'd get scalded with hot water if someone flushed the toilet when we were taking a shower. No shit! )bad pun) You did that they'd upperclassmen would try to catch you and give you a swirlie in the toilet! 

    This was always going to be a steeping stone to a seven figure job at a power five school and he's just blown it. 

    If DS brings him back ok...but think it's time to move on. He can get a nice fat coordinators job somewhere big and make plenty. Hopefully we get our next Cradle of Coaches candidate, keep our outstanding recruiting class, build on a base that's not Treadwellesque and things get better. 
  • Rolling Stones Article on Miami's Esports Team

    I own a sign and graphics business and do grad banners for high school grads. I had a mom come in and her son was going to Miami. (All kids headed to MU get a free Miami logo! ye ha!)

    I asked her what he was going to major in and she said he's going to be an "electronic gaming" major. I'm not a gamer and a 1979 grad so I was kind of "huh?" about the major.  She said Miami has one of the top 5 (maybe top 10? Humm... there more than 11 that offer the major?) electronic gaming
    programs/majors in the country!

    I had no idea there was such a thing.
    Look it up: it's a multi billion dollar worldwide business. You can watch tv and see how big it is. Gaming commercials are everywhere all the time.

    But is it a sport? It's gotta' be a sport man....thumb and hand injuries from over use...jumping around and squirming in on the couch when playing, 12 ounce curls requires collegiate level flexibility, coordination and stamina. Superior hand-eye coordination and more.

    Next men's and women's letter sport at Miami! Love + Honor!
  • John Shoemaker

    Don't forget Archie Aldridge on those teams as well. Think he was a transfer in and had been Ohio Player of the Year his senior year at Middletown. He was a beat. Looked like a linebacker. 

    John was a really good guy by all counts and so was Randy. Randy, Archie and Bernard would play at Withrow all the time in the spring once season was over. 

    If I remember right John had a Ford Pinto (remember them?) that had vanity plates on it "SHOE".

    Bit of a chuckler isn't it? A PINTO with vanity plates. 
  • Brandon Peters (Michigan QB Transfer)

    If we get him, great, let him compete and see what happens. I think we've got three pretty good prospects right here in Oxford. If he starts and one leaves so be it. 

    If Mayer wins out Williamson may be gone anyway.Everybody wants to play, especially, it seems, all star QB's. For almost any player moving on is just part of the deal and we shouldn't take it personally. It's not about they don't like Miami, it's not about the coach (though most of you out there would find that hard to believe), it's about seeing the writing on the wall (two years on the pine) and just want to go somewhere that they might play. 

    Just like Brandon is doing in leaving Michigan for the same reason. 

    Just checked the MU Athletic website and noting on the firing you many want.

    For all you great coaches and great minds out there that are sure you can do it better than Coach Martin or AD Sayler looks like it's time to shut the F- up. .

    HE'S BACK SO GET OVER IT---SUPPORT THE PROGRAM or go find another cry baby, whining ass website to piss and moan and bitch on.

    And yea...after the trophy talk after OU game I thought I'd had enough. He shouldn't have been blowing off steam like that but time to get over that too. Apparently he wasn't the dead man walking so many of you thought he was.

    I know it's hard to admit but he and his staff and the team showed real improvement in beating OU and NIU. We played Army and
    Buffalo really tough and even the UC game was 7-0 headed to the 4th
    quarter in a never ending downpour. They showed grit and didn't quit.
    Say what you want but we didn't have any of the crappy endings this year
    like last year's UC and BG games

    So now it's time to roll and get behind the program. Next year's going to be tough so dig in and get ready to get after it.
                                                                                                                                                                                      Go Redhawks! Love + Honor!!!