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  • Iowa F'n City

    I'm currently laying awake in this hotel cot at the Iowa City Hampton Inn too burnt, too tired, too dehydrated to go back to sleep.

    We left our hotel yesterday morning with plans to go downtown to tailgate, but ended up stumbling across the Bahl family tailgate in our hotel parking lot. They put on a first class tailgate, and they are first class people. Their family, much like us, are so excited for where this program is headed. Later we went downtown and ran into 2010 MAC champion JT Swanson who had some great stories for us.

    Onto the game: Miami football is back. Our offense put on the most impressive performance I have seen since arriving at Miami in 2006. This wasn't Zac Dysert airing the ball out downfield; this was a balanced attack with sustainable drives. The offensive line played brilliantly, and the best part is we did not wear down as the game went on (due to that depth we keep hearing about). James Gardner isn't so bad either.

    Defensively we took a lot bad angles and our Dbacks had a lot of trouble shedding blocks. Our closing speed is not where it needs to be to compete with these guys yet. I was extremely impressed with Iowa's offense and their play calling. Usually when you think Iowa football, you think ground and pound, but yesterday these guys really opened up the playbook and took it to us. They will be tough to stop all year long.

    The Iowa fans were very complimentary of the way we played. We got countless remarks about how good our sophomore QB looked. We had a lot of fun with them, especially Bill from Iowa City, who bought us four rounds of drinks at Buffalo Wild Wings.

    We need to keep improving and we need to build on this. Too many times we have come out flat after big games. As we left Kinnick yesterday, Alex said something along the lines of, "let's just pound Easten Illinois 42-0." For the amount that this program and this fanbase has suffered in the last 5 years, we are due for a good ass kicking.

    Love and Honor
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  • New ESPN 30 for 30

    What if I told you....

    -he would call the school's fanbase and media 'idiots'

    -he would call the school 'cheap'

    -he wouldn't have a winning season in 5 years

    -he would lose games with 95% win probability

    -he would lose all non-conference FBS game in 5 years

    -he had an incredible buyout clause where the school would not be on the hook for any money

    And he wasn't fired.

    Timeout:  The Chuck Martin Story
    Tuesday, 8pm on ESPN+

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  • Plea from Chuck to Renew Tickets

    I donated last year to the football excellence fund, that promised
    "Direct communication from football staff via conference calls" and
    "Access to exclusive practices and events (dates TBD)."


    Email asking about it went unanswered.
  • Amber Alert Issued For Mekhi Lairy (nm)

    "Well, I know he is a "cheap" player since he is from Ohio (in-state tuition), but couldn't we get a more talented player?"

    The answer is "no". That should tell you something about this staff.

    Both these comments belong on the hawktalk list of incredibly stupid statements.

    And why would that be the case? McNamara is from Ohio, which means his tuition is half of what, for example, Sibande pays? Now, tell me genius: what is wrong with this?

    1. The athletic department doesn't care if a scholarship is in state or out of state. It doesn't impact it at all. The fact that needs to be said to someone who follows college athletics is frightening.

    2. Big men tend to not contribute until they're upperclassmen. McNamara showed a lot of things you don't see out of MAC bigs. He's athletic, he passes well, he can move laterally on defense, and he limits turnovers. Prior-to-college stats say he has range, which will come as he grows and adjusts.

    Are you really saying that out-of-state players play in-state tuition? You cannot be that stupid, can you? I for one fund an out-of-state scholarship you moron (member of Forever and a Day Society). Gosh, here is a link for you:https://www.givetomiamioh.org/s/916/16/interior-wide-flah.aspx?sid=916&gid=1&pgid=6173  Stop pretending to be a genius, and try to actually support this program.
    =>Uncalled for. Debate the issue, not the man.

    You are often the first one to break this rule.

    Moll never criticizes the man. Instead he beats the man down with charts, statistics, numbers, graphs, etc. etc. etc. until the man is lying face down in a puddle of his own piss.
  • Delta Tau Delta suspended

    Why would you want to join one of these now? I feel really bad for the kids who feel they need to go through this.
    Are we talking about fraternites or Miami sports fandom now?
  • Miami -2.5 vs. Marshall

    Most important 1st game in a real long time.
    Since last season probably!
  • Spring Preview Up

    The rebuild is complete!!!!
  • Billy Bahl

    . The simplest answer is that we had a strong armed QB that simply wasn't as good as we all wanted him to be. 

    Dan Raudabuagh 2.0

    Yes, and eventually, too late for us,  Raudabuagh figured it out and became a great QB

    Raudabaugh became a great QB once he stopped going to Brick Street 5 nights of the week

  • NCAA Coaching Carousel 2018

    @quinoaburger I have some nominations:

    “NIU is a legit Big 10 candidate” @jivehawk

    “I don’t think I’m going to post much today about the game” - @Bluesman (proceeds to post 87 times)
  • Women's World Cup

    Rose Lavelle was fantastic. Plays the game a little quicker than everyone else.

    Can her and Pulisic procreate for the good of the next generation of US national teams?